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July 14, 2010

Colorado's nSyte Software Unveils nQuire Subscription Based True Code Auditing Tool

Use of open source software has increased exponentially in recent years among software development companies. A proactive approach towards managing the use of open source code during development is very important these days.
In this regard, Colorado-based nSyte Software, a start-up firm offering software testing tools, announced that it has launched a new software -as-a-a-service "SaaS (News - Alert)" audit tool, nQuire, which helps in reducing risk that is associated with use of open source code in proprietary software.
"There's nothing wrong with utilizing free open source code," said Philip Bice, VP of sales and marketing for nSyte Software. "The issue gets tricky, however, when a company needs to certify that there either isn't any open source in their product or that they have complied with all necessary licensing terms when open source has been used."
Bice added, "Ignorance isn't an excuse and stating that you are compliant only to find out that is not the case can be a costly mistake, both legally as well as from a product reengineering perspective."
nSyte Software's nQuire is a cloud-based true code auditing tool that will facilitate software development companies to audit code real-time. It will proactively address the potential inadvertent use of licensed open source software, says nSyte Software.
Requiring no up-front investment, the nQuire audit tool works by comparing program coding to date against a database of thousands of the latest known open source software. It compares either on an ad hoc basis or each time a software build is triggered.
With the help of nQuire, any open source code used can be quickly identified to determine what, if any, work-around is required in order to avoid potential open source software licensing issues.
The nQuire is a subscription based software audit tool. Software developers of all sizes can use it to get the protection they require to be legally compliant with open source code licensing. The subscription charge is $250 per month.
Bice added, "Our nQuire tool is quite unique in that it provides a highly cost effective way to audit software code real-time during development in order to help companies proactively manage any open source licensing issues before it becomes a problem,"
According to Bice, the company's latest offering will save some companies tens of thousands in reprogramming dollars while keeping them legally compliant on a continual basis.
"We're keenly interested in a product that will raise any red flags about the use of open source software during a project and not months or years later after we've invested thousands of programming hours," says Ryan Shuttleworth, CEO of Cobalt Storm, a SaaS development shop based in the United Kingdom. "Getting an accurate view of any open source code in a few seconds is a massive time saver and risk reducer. The cost of getting it wrong is very high," he adds.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight

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