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June 12, 2009

Managed Service Providers Reduce IT Costs through OpenDNS

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have found an option in OpenDNS to reduce IT costs and safeguard their managed networks from infiltration. There is an agreement among them that OpenDNS is ideal for easy and cost effective internet security.

OpenDNS is a provider of free security and infrastructure services that make the Internet safer through integrated Web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. OpenDNS claims that its services enable consumers and network administrators to secure their networks from online threats, reduce costs and enforce Internet-use policies. As technology experts, MSPs assume the important responsibility of providing their clients with rock-solid IT services.

OpenDNS is entirely free and provides more than 50 categories of content in its filtering system, in addition to Conficker protection, and anti-phishing and service providers around the nation are finding it as an advantageous choice in the current down economy.

Eric Ciampa of Resort Technology Partners, which manages networks of 22 of the top 30 North American mountain resorts, has agreed that OpenDNS is easy to install and offers enhanced quality of protection to the support resources. Managing and implementing corporate IT policies are becoming cheap, easy and more effective with the help of OpenDNS.

Unobstructed internet access causes loss of productivity which in turn costs money and time and that is why most businesses put a lot of effort on web content filtering. OpenDNS says that filtering adult content and other unwanted sites on a network is one of the greatest advantages to using OpenDNS. With a free account, users can manage their network in the Dashboard, setting custom preferences all the way down to the individual public IP address.

OpenDNS delivers recursive DNS service, which means its DNS translates the domain name requests made from user’s network into IP addresses; OpenDNS just does it faster and more reliably.

"OpenDNS was easy to configure and simple enough that we can teach our clients how to manage it themselves," said Sam Livingston of Livingston Technical Services, a Southern California MSP. "In some cases (such as with Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable customers in Southern California), our customers' DNS performs so poorly that using OpenDNS as an alternative has resulted in fewer service calls and more satisfied customers. The increased speed and reliability of DNS lookups has been appreciated by all of our clients."

OpenDNS recently launched DNS-O-Matic and hosts a free phone book that helps complete user’s Web connections.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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