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December 09, 2011

Developing New Applications for Cloud Is a Major Trend for Next Two Years: Survey

The cloud will continue to play a key role in the latest trends in technology over the next year or two, according to a recent report from IBM (News - Alert).

But based on a survey completed by some 4,000 IT pros, students and faculty in the developerWorks community, IBM predicts that over the next two years, cloud adopters will be giving a high priority to “developing new applications” – taking the current top focus away from virtualization and storage.

In addition, the survey revealed that 51 percent of those responding said that adoption of cloud technology is part of their mobile strategy, IBM said.

The IBM survey took place in July, and those questioned were asked about the “future of technology” – encompassing such as areas as: mobile computing, cloud computing, business analytics and social business.

The survey also revealed that the Android (News - Alert) OS is the “top platform” for development of mobile applications, and some 70 percent of those surveyed said they will develop for the Android OS during the next two years. On the other hand, some 49 percent of respondents said they will develop for iOS, the survey revealed.

It was also shown that businesses are not just saving money with infrastructure with the Cloud but starting “to build applications to innovate in the cloud,” IBM said. Not everyone had gone with the Cloud, though. Some 40 percent of those responding said the organization they are affiliated with is not using Cloud computing, but 75 percent predict their organizations will start to build Cloud infrastructure over the next two years. And almost 60 percent said that “flexibility” and “scalability” were key reasons for using the Cloud.

In a related matter, some $17 billion were spent on Cloud-related technology, software and hardware during 2009, according a report from eWeek, citing data from IDC (News - Alert). IDC predicts that amount will jump to $45 billion by 2013.

Meanwhile, the IBM survey showed that business analytics is the most-adopted technology area. “This technology has a bright future, with 42 percent of respondents naming it as an ‘in demand’ area for software development and as having the highest adoption tendency (90 percent) when compared with other technology areas,” the IBM report said. It will have significant impact in the education, healthcare, aerospace/defense, computer software and life sciences sectors, IBM said. Some 87 percent of those responding also said Apache Hadoop and Linux, and other open source platforms, will have a “key role” in this application.

And about half of those surveyed who are not using analytics expect they will over the next two years. In connection with this area, “automation” was a higher priority in Brazil, Russia, India and China [BRIC] than in the United States, IBM said.

In another area, respondents said “education” was the “biggest opportunity” for IBM Watson’s capabilities, followed by healthcare and then aerospace/defense. The Watson computer caught the public’s attention earlier this year when it competed on the Jeopardy! TV show, TMCnet reported.

The survey also showed that the United States and Russia are building mobile infrastructure, as India and China are building related applications.

In other results, file sharing, blogs and forums are the biggest social business capabilities which businesses are using. Social business technology was important in the survey for India, but other nations including Russia were more “reluctant” about it, IBM said.

Ed Silverstein is a TMCnet contributor. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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