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July 20, 2022

6 necessary tools for Windows in 2022

After you purchase a brand new PC, it is normal that you will have to install tons of software. Even if you are a normal user, you need a few pieces of software which is a mandatory component to run your PC efficiently. Some people often chose the wrong software and mess up their OS. On the contrary, smart people always pick the best necessary software and enjoy a hassle-free experience in the windows operating system.

As normal user, we don’t have to install too much software’s on our devices. If you install the most basic software strategically, we should be able to use our PC like a power user. So, let’s check out the 6 necessary tools which we must have on our PC.

Internet browser

The first thing which we need is the internet browser. Without having the right internet browser, there is no way we are going to experience the blessings of the internet. Most people will stick the Microsoft (News - Alert) edge but we strongly recommend downloading google chrome also. Having two browsers on your devices will give you extra benefits. In fact, after using google chrome for a few months, you might not use Microsoft edge again.

Security features

When it comes to security, both Microsoft and google chrome have done a brilliant job. You don’t have to worry about the security features while using this browser. However, you should not access phishing sites or install unreliable add-ons to the browser as it will compromise the security of your device.

Use of VPN

You might be thinking you don’t need a VPN on your new computer. Using a PC without having a VPN can put your data at great risk. We strongly suggest to get your favorite VPN up and running on your Windows as it will mask your identity in the online world. A premium VPN can easily hide your IP address and thus the hacker will have a tough time accessing your critical information. Some people often don’t like the fact that they have to spend extra money to get the premium features of the VPN. However, if you compare the cost of having a premium VPN, you won’t feel that is a big cost. If necessary, at least use a free VPN on your device.

Media player

Without a professional media player, it will be very hard to enjoy the video and audio content. We strongly suggest using the simple VLC media player. Some people will think that the VLC media player is very basic but in reality, the codecs used in the VLC media player are very advanced. You can easily enjoy high-quality audio without having any major issues. But make sure you regularly update your VLC media player as it will make things much easier and let you enjoy amazing content.

Zipping software

The zipping software allows you to compress big and multiple files with a great level of ease. You use the 7 zip or win rar to zip the important files. One of the key benefits of using zipping software is that it will protect your zipped files from viruses and malware. In some cases, you might have to purchase the premium version of the zipping software but this is a one-time fee. However, if you intend to go with the free version, you should be fine.

Microsoft office

You must install Microsoft office to your windows operating system. Without having Microsoft office in your system there is no way you are going to complete the basic documentation task. If you are a student, you can get Microsoft office at a cheaper price. If not, you need to buy the license from Microsoft. Instead of using the normal version of Microsoft office, we strongly recommended that you use the professional version as it will reduce the hassle and make things easier.

Editing software

Advanced users often love to edit photos and videos. Instead of relying on a random editing software, we strongly recommend that you install Photoshop and illustrator. If you intend to do heavy video editing, you may use adobe after Effects. But remember, the editing software is not for free. You may use it for a trial period but after that, you have to pay the licensing fee.


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