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April 28, 2022

Mailmodo Democratizes Interactive Email Marketing With The Power Of AMP

In 2021 alone, over 319.6 billion emails were estimated to be sent to users worldwide every single day. This figure is expected to reach nearly 376.4 billion by 2025. Clearly, emails continue to be a very popular medium of digital communication.

However, emails haven’t seen any revolutionary advancements over the past few years. While the internet, as we know it, has evolved to cater to the needs of the new-age generation, emails have more or less remained the same. And with the sheer amount of emails received by the user every day, click-through rates have also fallen down.

So how do you take full advantage of this traditional yet powerful tool for marketing?

The market is seeing a surge of new-age email marketers who are spending hours coming up with strategies to design the perfect email campaign. These marketers are using creative means to bring down the barriers to customer acquisition, enabling users to complete email actions with limited friction.

While the efforts are paying off with remarkable conversion rates, the need for expert coding and hours or even days of planning for every email campaign doesn’t make it feasible for a lot of users. This has created a void in the market wherein users are looking for a no-code, simplified email marketing experience with less effort but high conversion rates.

Mailmodo entered the market with a solution that revolutionizes email marketing. The platform utilizes AMP for Email, which is an open-source framework created by Google (News - Alert). This technology enables senders to include AMP elements inside emails, adding modern app-like functionality right inside the inbox. So interactive components like forms, carousels, and accordions can be added to the email, enabling customers to perform actions like quick sign-up, checkout, or any other conversion without having to leave their inboxes.

The company has a complete suite of email marketing services, offering users the ability to create and send app-like interactive emails that significantly improve email conversions. All customer interactions are carried out right inside their inboxes, eliminating the need for additional link redirects. Therefore, with Mailmodo, customers not only open their emails but also interact and complete the actions within minutes. 

However, creating AMP emails requires specialized coding, making the process complicated and time-consuming. This is why Mailmodo boasts of being a no-code email marketing platform, thereby democratizing the power of interactive AMP mails to new-age marketers and sellers worldwide. The platform brings a drag-and-drop style editor that enables users to create and customize AMP emails within minutes. All the processes involved in the backend are managed by Mailmodo, saving a significant amount of time and energy. The platform also integrates with an organization’s marketing stack, CRM, marketing analytics tools, and more, ensuring synchronization with other products of the company.

Mailmodo comes with the following industry-leading features:

  • Drag-and-drop style AMP blocks.
  • Personalized content for each user.
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates for high conversion.
  • Auto-trigger emails based on user actions like signups, purchases, cart abandonment, etc.
  • Integration with AWS SES (News - Alert), Sendgrip, and Netcore Pepipost.
  • Single Dashboard for analytics like opens, clicks, unsubscribers, and submissions.
  • Integration with third-party tools like Shopify, Salesforce, CleverTap, MoEngage, etc.

Powered by AMP Emails, Mailmodo can be customized for all kinds of email marketing campaigns. Users can send interactive emails for lead generation, adding elements like calendars for bookings, appointments, or invites. Or users can add powerful multi-step forms, opinion polls, and product review ratings. As for e-commerce, users can add dynamic sales elements like carts or even accept payments within an email, or auto-trigger AMP emails based on specified events and user behavior. Mailmodo also allows users to add elements like calculators for actions like determining premium and SIP amounts. 

Using these highly interactive elements, Mailmodo customers typically see 3x higher conversions from their email campaigns as compared to their older emails.


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