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June 30, 2021

What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Managed Print Services.

In most companies and organizations, copying and printing resources are largely used. It doesn’t matter the size the company or organization,the printing work is no longer a support system but is as important as other integral departments. Managing the resources used to do the printing and copying is the reason behind hiring managed print services (MPS).

What is Managed Print Services? These services comprehensively manage the tools used such as printers, fax machines, copiers and other devices that have various functions. MPS dealers take control of the bulk documents that pass through the various departments while keeping the costs of updating, sharing and printing at a bear minimal.

Traditionally, companies used to evaluate whether they should buy or lease the equipment. Now they can buy their own machines or hire the services out through managed printing services. Most organizations have printers in different departments. Some of these departments hardly do any printing work hence the machines are idle and gather dust. Others are replaced upon breaking down without any follow up on why it broke down and whether it can repaired. The misuse and under usage of these printers is not the fault of the personnel but an all-inclusive lapse in the management of the printing resources. Hiring out these services, through MPS, gives accountability as these resources are now managed in one section.

An experienced MPS dealer will be capable of evaluating the existing printing framework, create a plan which will efficiently use what is readily available. This evaluation may or not require additional equipment to be purchased. However, the services rendered differ according to their capability and the support systems. Some of the MPS dealers are specific meaning they only handle a particular type of machine while the neutral providers are open to whichever machines your company has. Which means you may not have to buy new ones.

Hiring an MPS successfully has the following benefits in the long run:

  • Eliminates or reduces relying on printing outlets.
  • Improves output
  • Any actions that would result in penalties decrease or done away with.
  • Since the framework used enhances proper and adequate usage of machines therefore reducing wastage, power expenditure goes down.
  • MPS dealers can rent out their machines to you, giving you a chance to cut down the expense of owning equipment.

Are you considering using MPS for your business? If so, answer the following questions?

  • Will the investment be worth it in the long run? Research give 30% decrease in printing expenditure.
  • How well are you utilizing the available printing machines? Are they being over or under used? If under used, can they be put into better use?
  • How well versed is your equipment with the modern technology? Through combining modern software with the right machines, MPS dealers can help you reduce your running expenses while increasing productivity and doing away with tasks done manually.
  • How much time does the IT division use to maintain the printing hardware? Why don’t you hire the services of MPS and the IT unit will have adequate time to handle other projects.
  • Is saving green energy important to you? The carbon output is reduced by the rationed printing and copying services. The papers are used minimally which saves the natural supplies.

Similar to most businesses, you may not be aware of the total expenditure your company caters for in terms of buying, maintaining printing machines, supplying paper and ink. However, you can sense with better management the expenditure can reduce. With this information in mind,it is advisable to seek the services of a reliable MPS dealer. As you search, ask as many questions as you can so that you have a clear idea of what they are offering, how they will implement it and longterm benefits. Ask for references too and get first-hand information about their services.

Ask the following:

  • Are their services consolidated?

By far this element should be given the highest priority. As a business owner you are hiring for these services with the aim of saving money. Hence the preferred MPS should be able to offer all the equipment required which includes the printing, copying, papers and cartridges. To better manage the usage of these equipment and materials, they should have audits. Having these services under one roof will drastically reduce your expenditure and your staff will have more time to engage in other work related activities, boosting productivity.

  • Do they have qualified technicians?

Remember earlier on we said you should ask as many questions as possible,this is one of them. Get to know if your preferred MPS dealer has qualified and available technicians who will readily identify and fix any of your equipment.This will not only reduce your repair expenses but the time and output that your company would have lost due to the workflow interruption is saved.

  • Are they up-to-date with the latest technology?

You will be surprised there are more efficient ways to managing your printing through modernized software and equipment. Through the MPS dealer understanding how your company runs, they should be able to provide ingenious operating procedures through assimilating modern software and equipment. The goal is to enable your personnel to increase their productivity.

  • Get references

Look for their past credentials. Most times their achievements are available on their website on the reviews page. Look for a company that will cater for your needs in a timely manner, they communicate effectively and capable of supplying quality products at a competent prices. If there is no proof of their achievements, then hiring them would certainly mean setting your business up for long term losses.

  • What alternatives do they have?

Companies have varying requirements. For example a health facility handles confidential information regarding their patients. Therefore if you had search a facility, you would need the MPS dealer to provide ways to keep that information safe and confidential. The services provided should be customized to fit and enhance your business functions.

Choosing a dependable MPS dealer is one of the best decisions you will make as a business owner. As you search, make sure the MPS dealer, offers tall their services under one roof and their technicians are readily available with genuine qualifications. They are resourceful, are in tune with the latest equipment and software. Get an innovative MPS dealer who can customize your printing fleet, is reliable and effectively communicates.


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