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June 25, 2021

How Mobile Technology Impacted the Entertainment Sector

Today most people spend more time on mobile devices than on a computer or in front of a TV. Actually, on average, one person spends 155 minutes per day on their smartphone in 2021. That being said, mobile technology has definitely affected the evolution of different entertainment sectors. Mobile apps have allowed people to get entertained on the go, whenever it's convenient for them. Here we provide an overview of the effect of mobile technology on different entertainment sectors. 


The gaming industry has had tremendous success over the years, especially with the advent of mobile devices. Because mobile devices became accessible and convenient for having an entertaining gaming session, most people were resorting to their smartphones to play easy and user-friendly games.  

This has created a completely different sector for mobile games called hyper-casual games that were created with specific users in mind that want to play whenever they have spare time, casually, and their features were optimized for gaming on the go.  

So, the gaming industry has taken full advantage of the revolutionary mobile technology, and as the technology progressed, a lot of game console titles were also getting their own mobile-friendly versions because even gamers wanted to have a seamless gaming experience on every device. 

Online Gambling

Another industry that benefited tremendously from mobile technology was the online gambling industry. The online gambling industry, namely it has had tremendous growth over the past years because the introduction of mobile adaptive casino sites allowed a new audience of members that were mainly spending their free time on their smartphones to access the casino sites and play on the go.  

That being said, this prompted a generation of new online casinos that were developed with mobile users in mind, and you will find that as a user that you can choose from many mobile-friendly casino sites and casino platforms that also have their mobile apps. If you want to learn more about the reliable and high-quality new casino sites, make sure to check out this platform,, which offers an unbiased look at the newest casino sites.

Overall, mobile technology definitely shaped the gaming industry and the future of the gambling industry because of the new casino sites that are being developed and are mobile-friendly. Also, casino games are created for mobile gaming.  


Now from your smartphone, you can listen to the radio, but also you have apps where you access everything from podcasts to the latest songs, and you can also support the artists by purchasing their own albums. Some of the platforms where you can access a vast library of songs are iTunes, BBC radio, Sound Cloud, Pandora (News - Alert), Spotify, and many other platforms.  

The mobile apps associated with music have shifted the habits of the consumers as they made it easier for them to discover new artists, personalize their playlist, and enjoy their favorite songs on the move. 

On the other hand, it also shifted the power dynamic of the music industry because thanks to the above-mentioned online streaming platforms, indie artists can build a career in the industry without a label. 

TV on the Go 

The popularity of streaming platforms like Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney (News - Alert) +, and others have also been definitely fuelled by the popularity of mobile devices. Users can now watch their favorite TV shows from their tablet or smartphone, and this changed the habits of the consumers again because they conveniently can choose from a rich library of titles on the move. 

Another reason streaming sites have gained traction over the years is the fact that mobile data speeds have improved over time, and users can now watch a TV show or film on their smartphone without any lag.  


Podcasts have become a significant component of the entertainment market, and mobile devices definitely were one of the reasons why this trend became very popular. Podcasts allowed users to listen to hour-long podcast episodes on specific topics (users can also choose from short podcast episodes) on the move. The subjects vary from art, mental health, sport, comedy to history, science, and any other topic under the sun. The format allowed users to listen to podcasts on their commute to work, for example, or whenever it's convenient for them.  

It also introduced educational content in another format because a lot of podcasts feature experts in certain fields, and it definitely emphasized the important aspect of mobile entertainment, which is entertainment on demand. This form of entertainment became very popular during 2020. In fact, there were over 1 million podcasts on the market, so it seems that there is great demand for this type of entertainment.  

Social Media Apps 

Mobile devices definitely changed the way we interact with social media apps because they are not only used to connect with other users around the world, but they have also become another form of entertainment. You can watch everything from short videos, documentaries or listen to songs that are created by the users of the platform. 

One great example is YouTube (News - Alert) which is a platform where users create their own content, and you're able to watch everything from short films to homemade educational tutorials. Another popular social media platform is Tick Tock right now due to its short video format. The mobile devices definitely scaled the audience on social media platforms and consuming content on the move as well as user-generated content.  


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