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April 26, 2021

IT Professionals Are the Lifeblood of Any Online Business: 7 Ways to Say Thanks

Your remote IT employees do a lot to help your business grow, but it’s difficult to show your appreciation from behind a screen. The modern workforce is rooted in cloud technology, from project management platforms to critical SaaS (News - Alert) services like Salesforce. We use cloud technology to communicate, build software, and manage our workloads. Now more than ever, technology is the foundation of all companies, regardless of industry.  

It’s important to keep morale high in the workplace or you’ll start to see high turnover and low-quality work. However, telecommuting has created a technological barrier between employers and employees, and while there are many benefits of remote work, there’s no denying that cultivating company culture is much more difficult outside of the office. With your staff spread out across the state, country, or even world, you have to think a little more creatively with how you plan to show appreciation. With that in mind, here are a few great ways to say “thanks” to your remote team:  

Gift Baskets 

Giving a gift basket is something that doesn’t take much effort and can still feel like a personal gift. Depending on who you choose to order the basket from, you can choose from a variety of items that include favorite desserts, foods, drinks, and even personalized items. Whether you’re giving a gift basket to recognize the hard work of an individual or a team, gift baskets are a great way to make sure everyone gets what they love.  


Employee awards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Depending on whether you’re recognizing the employee of the month or giving a trophy for the winner of an office pool, you can find a number of ways to present an award to an employee. Many engraving and trophy shops can help you get beautiful crystal awards or even plastic trophies on a budget to properly recognize your employees for the work that they do. 

Treats and Snacks 

It’s safe to say that most people love free food. Opt for a snack box and send it directly to your team members. You can sign up for subscription services to give your team monthly treats or opt for one-time mail-in boxes when needed. It doesn’t have to be treats and snacks, either; there are plenty of subscription boxes offering everything from cheese and wine to arts and crafts.  

Desk Items 

Something that helps with the monotony of working a desk job is getting to make your space your own. It helps to make the workspace feel more homey and comfortable while spending 40 hours a week at a home office. Help your employees create a space that they love by offering free items like custom pens or notebooks. A company mousepad is a great way to give your team something that they need while mixing up their space a little bit. Plants are another excellent way to help with morale. A plant like a succulent doesn’t take up much desktop space or require daily attention. 


It’s not uncommon for office workers to enjoy listening to their favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks through the course of a workday. However, in order to do this and maintain a productive environment, you’ll want to make sure they have headphones. You can give your employees items like branded headphones or wireless keyboards and mice.  

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are a great way to give your employees a financial reward without jumping through the hoops of giving cash. These can be given as gifts to specific employees or as part of a drawing. However you choose to give gift cards, it’s easy to get cards that serve a variety of restaurants and shops. This way your employees aren’t limited to just a few places they can spend their winnings. 

Simply Say Thanks 

You’d be surprised how much a simple nod of appreciation and saying thank you means. Simply letting an employee know that you recognize their hard work and appreciate everything they’re doing is a great motivational tactic. Everyone wants to be recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated, and your employees are more likely to continue doing great work for you if they feel noticed.  


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