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March 12, 2021

Top 4 Apps for Personal Healthcare

Are you ready to keep track of your health but not sure where to start? 

There are numerous apps that claim to help you learn about and keep track of your health. But which ones will help you reach your specific personal healthcare goals? 

Start by outlining your needs, then read ahead to find out which healthcare mobile apps will best assist you!

1. Best Counseling App

A top counseling app is BetterHelp. Linked with top counseling providers across the country, BetterHelp connects you to mental health professionals. 

Start by taking a quick questionnaire in the app. You'll answer questions about your mental health history, your day-to-day activities, and your mental health goals. Then, BetterHelp finds you the counselor that best fits your needs!

Due to the popularization of telehealth, BetterHelp finds the best counselor for you, regardless of your location. With the app, you have access to messaging systems, individualized research, and group webinars.

2. Best Holistic App

If you want to have an all-encompassing approach to personal healthcare, Generis is the choice for you. Generis takes into account not only your lifestyle but your DNA and heritage as well. 

Generis' mission is to educate users on how their genetic background affects their health and everyday lives. The app gives DNA-based advice on everything from food and nutrition recommendations to supplement and activity tips. This information guides you to understand how your body uses energy.

The brains behind the app are genetics experts who gather insight from peer-reviewed journals. Plus, you'll not only learn more about your body but also about your ancestors'.

3. Best Tracking App

In 2021, you want to make sure you're covered and safe from COVID-19. The best way? Using a vaccine tracking app

Armor Vax is a one-stop-shop to connect patients, providers, and administrators. This eliminates unnecessary confusion between getting checked-in, tracking your symptoms, and setting follow-up meetings. 

This app also generates customizable screening questions that make sense for you. Plus, they have tons of articles for you to read up on vaccination methods and procedures. 

4. Best Acne App

Tired of waiting months between dermatologist visits to make sure your skin is in the best condition? MDacne is an app that gives you the freedom to find help right away. 

MDacne provides screening questions that personalize your experience. Then, you'll submit a photo of your skin. 

The app identifies the blemish or issue then gives treatment resources to help you out. MDacne even goes a step further by having an option for users to create a skin plan and have it sent to their door. 

This eliminates any skin scares by finding solutions before the issue gets worse. 

Apps for Personal Healthcare

In 2021, it's easier than ever to have agency over your health. 

By downloading apps that track your personal healthcare, you can be in the best body of your life, today! Check out our resources page for more info on the best tech hacks. 


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