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March 12, 2021

The FamiSafe Parental Control App Helps Parents to Monitor their Kids.

Wondershare came to the world at the right time when people have been facing different tech-related issues but they came with bundles of solutions. For example, it was hard to understand and control the time spent by our kids on screens. Although all parents have responsibilities to protect their children, it’s tricky to do so on screens. Of course, you cannot spend all your life with your “digital kids.”

No one can deny the usefulness of smartphones by these children and therefore you can’t afford to keep phones or computers away from children. If you have kids who are schooling, the phones will help them to find more academic materials from the internet. Despite the known disadvantages of the internet, we cannot completely avoid it. Who doesn’t know that many applications on smartphones can only work with an internet connection?

Your kids are exposed to a lot of risks whenever they are using smartphones although some parents don’t know this. Other than the educational benefit of these phones, children are likely to come across illicit content while browsing over the internet.

In today’s world, almost everybody is tied up in their busy schedules and parents can only control their kids’ smartphones using the FamiSafe parental control app.

Amazingly, it only takes a short moment to download and start using this app. It’s from here that you’ll be able to remotely monitor your kids’ phone use and movement. With time, kids adapt to your customized phone use and act accordingly without reminding them what to do or where to go at a given time.

Main Features FamiSafe Parental Control App.

Whenever we want to buy an item, we always want to take home the best products that give us value for money. If anything, we look at various features of the item in question and their functionality.

The best parental control app has known features that make it useful among parents. In this article, we have highlighted the key features of Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app that make it outstanding among other location tracking applications or software:

1. A live location feature.

Advanced parental control apps like FamiSafe have a live location feature to help you track a cell phone to get your children’s precise location. This feature is useful for any parent who has small kids who love to walk out of the gate but cannot trace their way back home. Because the app indicates the phone’s exact location, it becomes easier to find them and get take them home. Sometimes, you may choose to call the police or neighbors if you are away from home.

2. Location and Browsing History.

If you have installed this application on your phone and that of your child, you can see all the locations that he visited in your absence. To better understand these locations, you are required to zoom the ‘history map’.

Again, parents receive a report of various websites that kids accessed on the phone’s browsers. If you realize they accessed links with any kind of offensive content, you need to block it for their moral safety.

3. Detecting Harmful Content.

Sometimes, children receive illicit content like photos and videos. Fortunately, Wondershare’s FamiSafe notifies you immediately so that you block it. Suspicious content may get to your children in the form of a message or other files shared on various social media platforms. If a social app receives this kind of file, you are supposed to block it to limit kids not to delete such messages or files.

Price and Availability.

Different from some apps, the FamiSafe screen control application is available for download on Play Store, Amazon, and Apple Store. Wondershare allows parents to use it for three days at no cost to familiarize themselves with its functionality. After that, one is required to choose an annual, quarterly, or monthly subscription. The three cost $59.99, 19.99, and $9.99 respectively. Each subscription supports a different number of gadgets.


Any responsible parent cannot afford to expose their children to the internet and watch them lose their life focus. After all, your kids are not comparable to a few bucks that we can get in a few days working in a construction site.

Because most kids are addicted to technology, we can limit the time they spend on the screens. The most effective way to do this is by installing the FamiSafe application on smartphones.

If you love to economize, you will realize that $60 isn’t enough to pay someone to stay with your children for 12 months. This app is a great money-saving deal for parents who have limited time to be around their kids. You’ll be able to know their whereabouts without involving neighbors or a caretaker.

With this in mind, the time has come for you to install this app on all your kids’ phones as well as yours to keep them safe.                                                        


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