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January 27, 2021

ConnX and Isoolate Take on the Massive Challenges of the Expanding Attack Surface in the Work from Everywhere World

According to Gartner (News - Alert), 98 percent of external attacks over the last few years were carried out over the public Internet and, of those attacks, 80 percent were targeted directly at end-users through their browsers.

In 2020, the news was filled with reports of phishing attacks and other breaches that adversaries undertook, taking advantage of hundreds of millions of employees in large enterprises, government agencies, and education, healthcare, bioscience, and pharma institutions who suddenly were working from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops with a fragile digital perimeter.

Just a few weeks into the new year, two companies announced they have joined together to bring a web and browser threat isolation solution – addressing the urgency of stopping Advanced Persistent Threats – and that solution is cloud-native and works at the edge which can be downloaded and instantiated in minutes by each end-user.

ConnX, an AI-driven Communications Transformation as a Service platform provider, is bringing Isoolate's web and browser isolation solution to their enterprise customers.  With its own patent-pending unique threat isolation technologies, Isoolate protects users from web and SaaS (News - Alert) application content-borne threats, who work from anywhere, on any device, and over any network. 

In this business white paper, you will learn more about the increasingly sophisticated attacks using the browser to initiate a variety of attacks and how cloud-native remote browser isolation eliminates risk as users see a rendering of a web page, but not the page itself, protecting against invisible downloading of malware and viruses onto their device, and into enterprise networks. This approach protects against zero-day threats and enhances an overall cybersecurity posture. 

During 2020, according to Verizon (News - Alert)'s DBIR report, there was a huge increase in targeted attacks on web browsers as well as in phishing and email breach campaigns. Zero-trust browsing, or remote browser isolation (RBI) shields enterprise networks and connected assets from new attacks, ensuring a secure web browsing experience by moving all Internet activity to an isolated environment.

According to a Gartner, Inc. report (subscription required), by 2022, 25% of enterprises will adopt browser isolation techniques, reducing attacks on end-user systems by 70%.

"As a leader in AI-driven digital communications transformation, ConnX is an ideal technology and business development partner," said Osman Erkan, founder, and CEO of Isoolate. "The innovative ConnX team developed ConnX MaestroAI, the industry's first, AI-powered, multi-service integrated communications platform. MaestroAI integrates AI WAN, UC collaboration, mobility, and security to help enterprise customers reduce operational complexity, provide consistent user experience and critical business insights. MaestroAI enables business intelligence to be actionable, anticipatory, personalized, and easy to use.  ConnX Maestro Cloud Experience portal allows a new user to make it provision easy.

ConnX recognized the value and benefits of enhancing the security of its virtual workforce offers by embedding Isoolate's security solution into their AI multi-service communications platform. Together, we are making threat protection easy, scalable and affordable, even for the largest enterprise users, who are working remotely on business/personal laptops or mobile phones over home WIFIs or commercial wireless networks. Such users will be as robustly and seamlessly protected from advanced threats as if they were working from within internal trust boundaries."

"Working closely with Isoolate's ready-to-run isolation technologies, ConnX is now able to more effectively address the challenges presented by the new inverted network paradigm associated with today's borderless workforce in cloud-native, mobile-first applications," said Indrajit Ghosh, CEO, ConnX. "The company's transformational approach delivers excellent user experience with a scalable, cost-efficient, reliable solution that fits in perfectly with our existing managed security portfolio. With Isoolate's solution in our offerings, we're able to secure our customers' everyday communications, even as it continues to evolve in this new era of high-performance remote working." 

The Isoolate and ConnX partnership will enable enterprise users to administer remote access to corporate networks and protect unmanaged devices while accessing Internet resources. For example, when users access the Internet, they obtain web content in a safe format. If a malicious link is opened in an isolated environment, an employee's system is unaffected. This protection is available on any device, on any network, and in every geographic location.

The solution, which can be spun up in a matter of hours and scaled across even the largest organizations in weeks, protects against known and unknown web-based threats, including ransomware, zero-day exploits, and drive-by download attacks, and prevents the exposure of a user's confidential data and browser history, which adversaries can use for malicious purposes.

Most malware and ransomware attacks start with the web browser and directly target Internet users when they are searching and interacting online. With increasingly sophisticated attacks, which ramped up dramatically in 2020 as millions of employees, contractors and partners were forced to work from home, and attackers are easily bypassing preventative controls, including signature-based malware scanning, firewalls, and secure web gateways (SWGs).

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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