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January 20, 2021

What are the Steps You Take When Negotiating with a New IT Support Company?

You may be looking for a new IT support company to help you with your business. It may be because your previous IT support failed to keep up with your expectations, or their services don’t anymore match your needs. 

You are now looking forward to negotiating with your new IT support company about your expectations and needs for them to provide. In the business world, it’s vital that you know how to negotiate effectively. Getting the best deal is not only about getting the best price fit for your budget—it’s also about securing long-lasting service for your company. 

The discussion you will have with your new IT support company can make or break an entire business deal. For your guidance, here are the key steps you must take when negotiating with a new IT support company.

1. Assemble the Right Representatives

Before negotiating with any other company, you must first assemble the right people needed for the discussion. This will include not only the manager or the company owner itself but also other department heads who most benefit from the services provided by the IT support. They are the ones who have full access to the software, so they know what specific needs your company has in order for your business to operate smoothly.  

Pull together all the ideal employees who must be involved with the discussion and hear their preferences, expectations, and demands for the IT support company to refer to. Some companies, such as IT Support Sydney, tend to tailor their services in order to fit your needs. 

2. Identify Key Business Drivers

What is your company trying to accomplish? What are the factors that are driving your business to the top? Discuss this with your new IT support, and they’ll find the best service to optimize your business’s key drivers. 

For instance, if you want your business to be available 24/7 to boost customer service support, your new IT support will offer you the service you need to make your business more accessible and available for your clients anytime.

Another is, if your business’s success solely lies on your customer data, you’re going to need the new IT support to help protect your valuable data from cyberattacks efficiently and effectively.

3. See if Their Vision Align with Yours

This step is very important as this will help determine if your business matches with your chosen IT support company. IT support companies whose visions are to only increasing their revenue tend to only focus on offering you new products or services that your business doesn’t necessarily need. Whereas if your new IT support’s vision and goal is to optimize their client’s business potential, then you may have found the best IT support to negotiate with for long-term.

4. Setting the Right Price for the Optimal Deal

Some business owners tend to be pressured into cutting IT budgets by asking for the least expensive deal and settling with it. However, an inexpensive deal would mean less profit for the IT support company, so some services are compromised or removed. Take note that if a price is suspiciously low, then service quality is lowered most of the time. This would only result in low-quality products or services, which can affect your business operations in the future.

Instead of going straight away for the cheapest deal, it’s best to take a look first for their best and most expensive sale in the market. Ask what that deal includes and check if all the features are vital for your business operations. If you want to ask for a lower cost, inform them to remove certain features that your company wouldn’t need. This way, you can get the right price to match an optimal deal for your business.

5. Learn to Listen to Their Side

The buyer isn't the only one who needs to be heard during a negotiation. As a buyer, you must also listen to what your new IT support company has to say. This may include offering alternatives to your company’s initial request or referring you to an alternative resource for further assistance. Don’t take it badly if your IT Support would offer an alternative instead of committing to your exact expectations. This only means that they want the best service for your company through their available resources.

6. Draw Up a Contract

Once the negotiation has been successful and a deal has been agreed upon, it’s time to draw up a contract. Make sure both parties will affix signatures on the said written contract. Furthermore, make sure that you’re comfortable with its length of effectiveness as some business owners aren’t comfortable binding themselves with a contract that lasts for more than a year. Consider seeking legal advice when composing your terms and conditions.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, business owners should avoid reducing everything to the lowest price, especially when negotiating with your new IT support company. This will only compromise the right solution that your company needs. On the flip side, IT support companies must be clear about offering their best deals and highlighting the benefits. Following the critical rules of negotiation is a sure way to getting the best of both parties involved.

Author: Horacio Carlton
Horacio Carlton produces content about technology on his blog. Horacio has been passionate about technology and has spent most of his life learning more about it. 


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