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November 17, 2020

3 Principles For Creating Cost-Effective STEM Marketing Content

Every industry has its share of competition and limited resources. In the context of a marketing and communication strategy, specifically in the world of STEM, it’s not uncommon for certain questions to come up:

  • How much of our created content is being used?
  • Is the content we’re creating resonating with our targeted audience?
  • Which reigns supreme: The content quality or quantity?

When validating the weight of these questions, thoughts of market share and spend, business development, general awareness, and budgets are likely to come up.

More tight-knit marketing teams will have less spend to work with compared to the bigger, more competitive corporations but that doesn’t mean a smaller marketing budget can’t bring in some pretty rewarding results.

Here are a few ways to make an impact and access your audience in a way that’s low cost, engaging, and puts data at your fingertips.

1. Timing And Placement Is Everything

As a marketer in STEM, your end goal might be to:

  • Make a product, service, or event sale
  • Recruit industry-oriented middle to high school students
  • Develop specific marketing for target and underrepresented populations
  • Guide and support local and national interest

Warm-up your audience by opening the lines of communication or soft-selling to build trust and awareness. The right state of mind before making a nudge in your direction can be the difference between getting the lead or having it cool off.

Touching base with your audience regarding your service, product, or event that runs parallel with their need has a better chance of landing when you thoughtfully choose the channels your content lives and breathes on.

Timing and appropriate channel-choosing play an important role in how you will be perceived by audiences. For example, instead of overshooting with social media during your audience’s offtime (where your message may not be seen or as hard-hitting), you can, instead, create and host workshops or webinars. Use free video conferencing tech for a two-way video element that’s pre-recorded or delivered in real-time.

2. Find What Your Audience (News - Alert) Wants And Give It To Them

What does your audience want or is lacking? What content are they consuming? How are they consuming it? Podcasting, for example, provides a container to delve deeper into a discussion about your product, service, or event. Include interviews and soundbites from industry professionals, thought leaders, or burgeoning talent who have stories and experiences to share.

This is a surefire way to capture attention for an extended period of time. Content that educates and provides a “takeaway” while mirroring what your audience is hungry for not only helps with lead generation but works to establish your offering by providing trustworthy information.

And yes, quality content over quantity, every time!

Other potential sources of content include white papers, eBooks, live streaming, and clips of online meetings to create videos that can be used in specific time slots on selected social media channels and websites.

3. It’s A Marathon
In certain cases, pre-purchasing starts well in advance. Take care of your research-focused, scientifically-minded leads; Especially for big-ticket items like heavy or sophisticated equipment. Your audience needs to be kept in the loop over time; Be at their top of mind awareness across different access points with different resources. From the consideration phase to the final hour, every stage of the consumer journey is an opportunity to make an impact with your message. 

From recruiting bright young minds to selling high-end technology, marketing to STEM professionals can be done on a budget while still generating an ROI. Implement the above-mentioned guidelines to help hit your goals and get your content to do more of the heavy lifting.

About the Author:

Dora is a seasoned Marketing Manager and content creator enthusiastic about everything tech – most notably SaaS (News - Alert) and UCaaS. She is an experiential marketing powerhouse having gained unparalleled hands-on experience with customers and prospects throughout her career. Dora takes a customer-centric traditional approach to marketing, creating compelling brand stories and general content. She is a big believer in Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message.”


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