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June 01, 2020

Hidden Technology Benefits of Detecting Fake IDs for Business

The increasing threat of identity theft makes it essential for companies to invest in the latest technology. Nowadays, numerous types of identification devices and apps are available in the market. You will need the information about a person transacting with you.

After collecting information, it will be easy to decide whether a person deserves access to your business. Remember, numerous fake id providers are offering their services all around the world.

Some companies are using the latest technology to design these cards. Check out this link if you want to learn about these websites.

ID Document Designs

There are almost 1,000 valid ID designs for documents in the USA. It may be an intimidating task to identify fake IDs. Even a detailed-minded individual finds it challenging to identify these ids.

Frauds associated with these ids may be the reason for losses. In numerous cases, the organizations have to compromise on compliance with state regulations. Companies can get the advantage of detecting fake IDs. It will decrease the exposure to fraudulent events and losses.

Detection of fake IDs helps organizations to follow compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Here are some prominent benefits of detecting fake ids:

  • Preventing legal problems and possible fines because of selling tobacco and alcohol to underage people
  • Decreasing losses from potential purchases with fraudulent and stolen credit cards
  • Verification of identity and age of employee while hiring (it is about I-9 compliance)
  • Regulatory problems and avoiding losing linked to new financial accounts opened with fake identity (utility services, store credit, bank accounts and loans)

Avoiding losses related to phony checks

Refuting access to current accounts, benefits or services (these may be credit accounts of store, federal and state welfare services, tax returns and unemployment, etc.)

Tips for Detection of Fake IDs

Nowadays, different solutions are available for the detection of fake ids. You can choose between low-cost and simple tools. No doubt, expensive tools are available in the market. Feel free to select affordable detectors for your business.

Several advanced solutions enable you to store and capture data about ID documents. You can generate data based on the credentials of customers.

Detection Method with Ultraviolet Technology

Many driver licenses and state IDs include different security features. These become visible under ultraviolet detectors. Evaluating the presence of these unique characteristics enables you to the authenticity of cards.

These are low-tech detectors to provide exceptional protection to the network’s firewall. It may detect several potential issues, sophisticated and dedicated attacks. Make sure to buy advanced counterfeit ultraviolet detectors as per your business.

Data and Image Capture Method

Some data and image capture devices are available in the market. These can detect high-resolution images of identity cards. It can display stored data from digital watermarks, FRID chips, barcodes, and magnetic strips.

Forensic authentication of IDs is easy by analyzing captured data. Image authentication and capture solutions are accurate. It doesn’t need employees to interpret the authenticity of ID documents of customers.

In short, you can choose the best ID authentication solutions from the market as per your budget.  



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