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May 26, 2020

5 things you should consider before choosing a software development company

Our world today is packed with modern technology. We cannot imagine life without computers or the Internet. We are surrounded by software and applications that make our everyday life easier and increase our productivity.

An increasing number of industries are growing their online presence and entrepreneurs are looking for a way to get online and modernize their businesses. Many of them decide to create software that will help them reach a wider audience online. A professional and robust website or mobile application are now the foundations of modern business. There are quite a few companies which provide services in the field of software development, which is why choosing the right software provider can be crucial for the success of the entire project.

What to consider when choosing a software developer

The success of a program largely depends on its creator. The software development process is radically different if it is carried out by professionals who are experts at their job. For this reason, asking a friend who is learning how to code is a decision that can cause a lot of trouble, delays and even financial losses. Using the services of professionals guarantees the highest quality, because a good software development company ensures that projects are completed according to high standards. It is also important to properly define your project requirements. This is necessary to avoid wasting time on unnecessary arrangements, because the main project assumptions are agreed upon even before preliminary talks with various software developing companies. What's more, your requirements should be written down in the form of a checklist, which will enable the company to easily meet the needs of your future software.

The 5 most important things you need to consider when choosing a software development company

Software development is a complicated and complex process, so you should pay attention to things such as:

1. Method and frequency of communication – software development requires constant communication between the developer and the client, which is why you should pay special attention to the quality, frequency and manner of contact. Does the company get involved in building the vision of the product? Do the solutions offered by the company also include preparing a business plan? All these questions can be only be answered through good communication with the developer.

2. Portfolio and experience – when choosing software development company, it is important to do some research on their experience and find out if they have completed similar projects for other clients. It is also important what brands are listed in their portfolio and what projects they took part in. The system architecture is also crucial, as well as whether the company puts fragments of open source code on Git Hub.

3. Achievements and references – when choosing the services of professionals, we usually rely on the opinions of a company’s previous clients. It is no different in the case of software developers. Certificates, good reviews on industry portals and awards are a sign of the quality of a given company.

4. Tool and methods of conducting processes – it is good to find out if a given company uses the Agile (News - Alert) methodology in managing their projects. Many software development companies use the WaterFall model, which means they perform basic operations as specific, subsequent phases.

5. System architecture and security – a reliable developer must prioritize security and also ensure proper performance and usability of the developed system.

The perfect software developer

By following the above rules, you can easily find a software developer that will provide you with a top-class product, and cooperation with this company will be successful and trouble-free.


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