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September 18, 2019

How to find Node.js developers in 2019?

A lot of people are searching for Node developers. With an ever-increasing demand for Node.js development, it’s hardly a surprise. Being an advanced framework in-demand, finding skilled professionals is not very easy. In this article, we’re helping companies who struggle to grow their Node.js teams with advice on how to best tackle this challenge in 2019.

Are you looking for skilled Node.js developers? As with many other things, methods of finding them can be divided into inbound and outbound. However, before we go to that, let’s consider a few options we can use as an alternative to the regular hiring process.

Transitioning from different technologies into Node.js

While finding experienced Node.js developers is hard, PHP or other backend developers can be found far more easily. For backend developers especially, transitioning from one technology to Node.js is not that difficult. For a chance of being a part of a really interesting project, they can quickly apply their current knowledge to the new framework. If you have access to PHP developers, consider convincing them to give Node.js a try.

Turn your junior developers into Node.js specialists

Another option is to have your junior developers gradually progress into full-fledged Node.js developers. It’s a process that’s going to take some time. Before one gets involved with Node.js, it’s a good idea to work with vanilla JavaScript or other backend languages for a bit.

Top-of-the-line Node.js outsourcing

If neither short- or long-term solutions to growing a Node.js team meet all your requirements, you might consider turning to outsourcing. However, be aware that Node.js development projects usually require strong expertise. Do not make your decision regarding a vendor on price alone. Study their reviews, use services such as to learn more about them, and make sure that their portfolio includes projects similar to yours. is one of the leading B2B review platforms on the web

If you want to grow a new Node.js team on your own quickly, after all, here are some things you can try.

Finding Node.js experts – inbound methods

Inbound methods include efforts aimed at attracting new candidates to your company:

  • Social media – you can post job offerings on your social channels as well as topic groups (e.g. Facebook (News - Alert) groups, many of which are free to use).
  • Job portals – you can use both global and local job portals to extend your reach.
  • Webinars – free educational webinars can make your brand more visible and position it as an expert and an interesting place to be in the field of Node.js.
  • Referrals – as part of referral program, you can pay bonuses to people who recommend you Node.js developers, provided they are actually hired.
  • Outdoor ads – outdoors ads make for an unusual method of attracting IT professionals – one that can easily make you stand out.
  • The Career page – if you want to increase your conversions, make sure to polish and A/B test your career page.

Finding Node.js experts – outbound methods

As part of outbound method, you will reach out to potential candidates directly:

  • Direct search on LinkedIn (News - Alert) – use advanced search on LinkedIn to find Node.js developers. You can also use premium tools such as LinkedIn Lite.
  • Sourcing and screening platforms – with these paid platforms, you can get a list of candidates and even make tests for them to verify their skills.
  • Conferences and other third-party events – there are many direct and indirect ways of engaging conference participants concerning possible job offers.
  • Self-hosted events – you can also organize new events yourself and include HR efforts as part of them.

What do you think about these methods? Are you already using them? What are your thoughts? Write about your experience with finding Node.js developers in the comments below.


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