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May 30, 2019

Software Migration: How to avoid big problems that will cost you money

By Special Guest
Yury Zelianko, Digital Marketing Manager, SumatoSoft

In the constantly changing environment today we have to respond rapidly to change and adjust to new conditions. Today we are going to speak about a specific kind of environment: software, data and accounts we are working with on our computers and in virtual space. How to change this environment without mistakes and negative effects? Here are our tips and tricks.

What is Software Migration?

In simple terms, software migration is the process of transferring data,  as accounts information and functions from one operating environment to another. The popular case of practicing software migration is updating your software to a newer version. In such case the software  is migrated. Sometimes hardware is also migrated from older to a more recent version.

There are four different types of software & data migration:   

  1. Storage Migration. This is the type of migration when the transfer of disks and such kind of things takes place.
  2. Database Migration. As it might be clear from the name, the transfer of database takes place from one operating environment to another.
  3. Application Migration. When the migration of applications takes place, it is called application migration.
  4. Process Migration. When the processes are migrated from one business to another, that is known as Business Process Migration.

Issues  you might face during software migration

Here are some of the main issues that occur during software migration, which can lead to a huge loss and can cost you a significant amount of money.    

  1. Lack of Knowledge. It's has been a long time that software migration is founded, but not most of the people know entirely about it. This is where problems start emerging. Without any knowledge in software migration, people try to work on it, and it becomes a nightmare for them when huge issues occur.
  2. The first time. Software Migration is such a huge process that will take time to be learned. You can't get it in one go, and it needs to be practiced for some time if you want to master this craft.
  3. User Service. The user whom you are providing with software migration services, expects high-quality service from you, and when you are unable to offer them such service,then problems start emerging. And such issues cost a lot of money.
  4. Analyzing. When you are providing such software migration related services at that time you also have a work, which is called domain analysis. Under this work you have to analyze a domain for finding different parts related to a software system. There are high chances of getting trapped in this work and making a mistake.
  5. Patch Versions. When you try to migrate software from one operating environment to another, sometimes software migration crashes. This happens when there is a difference in the new and older patch versions or details.

How to prevent such Software Migration related problems?

There are many ways by which you can get rid of issues related to software migration and at SumatoSoft we can help you make all the work right. Some of those solutions are:

  1. Collecting Knowledge. Before doing any work in software migration, try to gain as much as possible knowledge you can, because this knowledge is going to help you a lot as most of the people are not entirely aware of software migration and such services correctly.
  2. Practicing. Practicing is one of the best things if you want to get mastered in one word, the same as in this case of software migration. With practicing more, you will be able to work by making almost no mistakes in this work.
  3. User Related Problems. Try to reach the expectations of the user: with the help of this you will never lose your user for whom you are working. With this, you would be able to gain money instead of losing them.
  4. Provisioning. This helps to save storage space; under this process, the storage is only filled when a data is written on the drive.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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