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March 21, 2019

IT Support: Why Does Your Company Really Need the Service?

To answer the question right away, let’s just say that it is difficult to imagine a situation where an established business in 2019 is working without any problems for a significant amount of time, without an IT support team by their side, ready to answer their call on demand. Every big company in the world has dedicated IT support departments, so if you don’t really have a comprehensive solution for that part yet, or have not yet considered it necessary because of the relatively small size of your business, it is time to understand why or how your organization may suffer greatly because of that, if it isn’t suffering already.

Cybersecurity is Under Constant Threat

Did you know that nearly 50% of all businesses operating within the United Kingdom fell victim to hacking attacks, leading to data breaches and cybercrimes of various other types in 2017 alone? As the Independent reports, the attacks and security breaches were not exclusive to the big names in the UK either, as even smaller SMEs were victims of ransomware and other malicious attempts made by cybercriminals throughout the year and at random. In fact, they often target smaller companies because they know that SMEs are less likely to be as protected against security threats as the big boys of the business world are. These larger companies are always expecting and facing cyber attacks, while the comparatively smaller companies live in the false assurance that they are too small to be targeted by cybercriminals. A single successful attack can ruin a small company beyond resurgence, both financially and in terms of reputation.

IT Support isn’t As Expensive As You Think

Now, a rising entrepreneur may argue that the company cannot yet afford an IT department of its own, but in order to ensure cybersecurity and have on-call engineers ready to solve any and all problems that the company is facing at the moment doesn’t require having a separate IT department at all! Prosyn is an IT support and services company that offers comprehensive support to their clients, irrespective of the size of the company.

Using an IT support company is similar to having your own IT team at hand, but you only pay a nominal fee for the services they provide, rather than having to incorporate a whole IT department under your payroll. Look for a Microsoft (News - Alert) Silver Certified Partner. You need a reliable, UK-based IT support service team that can help you with everything from making your organization more compliant with the latest government restrictions on data collection and maintenance, to simply making your systems and software safer by providing complete cybersecurity reviews and advising on effective data encryption. The list of services good firms offer in security, backup, maintenance and everything else related to IT is quite extensive, so paying a visit to the site is recommended to find out for yourself that maintaining an IT support team isn’t as expensive as you might have thought earlier.

On the other hand, not having one could be much more expensive than you may have ever imagined.

Boost in Productivity

We live and work in a connected world where every minute you lose could be lost business. Due to the unpredictable nature of technology itself, everything from the company’s CRM and the accounting software, right down to the internet connection itself can fail at times, which may bring your entire business to a standstill. Having an IT team at hand can help you to minimize downtime on account of such technological failings. For example, the Prosyn IT service company we discussed earlier will actually take on the responsibility to talk to the problematic software’s own support team directly, so that they can use their technical expertise to collaborate and solve the problem that’s hindering your business much faster.

In other words, as almost everything in business is connected nowadays, having just one part of the whole process fail on you can jeopardise the whole business process until everything is taken care of, therefore, having an IT team is essential to maintaining and boosting productivity by not just solving the technical issues, but also reducing the time required to do so.

Better Direction and Management of Resources

The advantages of having technical experts onboard or available on call isn’t just limited to boosted productivity through reduced downtime, but it has other far-reaching positive effects as well. When your sales team doesn’t need to worry about fixing and maintaining their computers and networking lines, they can concentrate on what their real job is, which is selling. As a manager or a director, it also frees up your resources so that you can better direct them towards the goals that they were hired for originally. Once again, this will boost productivity and job satisfaction amongst your employees in all the departments that have to deal with frequent technical issues.

The Ability to Identify Problems Before They Become Problems

An experienced team of IT professionals can identify issues in software and hardware performance before they actually become fully-fledged problems and begin to affect or even halt your business. Regular check-ups run by the IT team helps to identify and nullify impending issues before they can mature into serious faults. An IT team will even be able to educate your employees in the other departments about basic safety, security and repairs, making the company even more secure and efficient as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, technology is not self-sufficient yet and requires constant monitoring, updating, and maintenance in order for everything to stay efficient and relevant. Unless you have an IT team ready to take care of all your software and hardware assets, it’s only a matter of time before you suffer a setback directly or indirectly because of that. The more backdated or slow your business seems to your clients, the less are they likely to do trade with you, as they know it will hurt your productivity which, in turn, will affect theirs as well.


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