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February 27, 2019

Optimizing The Customer Experience Is Crucial To Business Success

A customer journey is a visual representation of the entire experience your customers have with your business. It helps you to understand the path that the customers take right from identifying the business, understanding the products and ultimately buying them.

You can have a clear idea of the entire sales process in the customer journey map. This lets you take clear and well-informed decisions that impacts the revenue in the longer run.

Enterprise Ecommerce Is on the Rise

Enterprise ecommerce which aims to have a seamless communication platform across the different channels in a company is on a rapid rise. Instead of serving the customers as a separate channel, enterprise ecommerce helps business owners to grow as twice as fast as the industry average.

If your business opts for an enterprise-friendly ecommerce platform, then you can organize and store all the data pertaining to the different departments all under one CMS. Hence, you can take intelligent decisions and understand the customer journey in a much better manner as compared to a traditional CMS.

For example, when Chicago-based Berlin Packaging decided to roll out a website with more complex online ordering capabilities, they knew that it had to integrate with their existing ERP and to accommodate custom database variables and ordering for dropshipping partners. Using BigCommerce’s open APIs, they were able to optimize the customer experience, resulting in a 27% spike in conversion rates, year-over-year.

“Being able to push things from our ERP into our BigCommerce store also allows us to help customers see things like their credit limits, balances, and past due balances,” noted Berlin Packaging General Manager Chris Hiller in a recent case study. “It’s empowering to our customers to have that data.”

Website Speed and UX Directly Impacts Sales

Website speed is a factor that directly impacts SEO. Google (News - Alert) considers site speed as one of the ranking factors meaning if you are able to improve your site loading speed, you can drastically increase your organic rankings.

People love to spend time on sites that loads easily. In today’s mobile world, people are looking for instant answers and websites that do not load faster are unable to fulfill the demands of the users.

You can improve the speed of your website by using a CDN or by creating special AMP pages that loads faster on mobile devices. A CDN uses intelligent caching and cache control options that boosts your website speed and improves the overall performance of the website.

Besides, having proper navigation, less number of 404 pages, relevant internal linking, informative content etc all help to improve the overall experience of the user.

Customer Relationship Management Is Important 

Customer relationship management helps to optimize the relationship of your business with the current and potential customers.

Mercato, the online grocery delivery platform is the first to include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and delivery dispatching in one easy-to-use solution.

Having a good understanding of your customers is crucial to keep your existing and potential customers happy.

Having a CRM lets you understand customers psychology and you have easy access to information which is both time and cost effective.

Make Your Brand Interactions (News - Alert) Functional and Enjoyable

When you track how your customers interact with your brand, you can serve them better. This will make your customers remain loyal to your brand.

You must identify the channels that your customers use to locate your brand. Next, you must measure the overall experience of your users and how do they feel about your business.

You can use the power of analytics to learn the preferred methods of communication used by your customers. Thereafter, you can optimize all such interactions happening across the channels.

Final Thoughts

The best brands in the world are the ones that aims to build a relationship with their customers. It’s the relationship that takes their business further. If you are a new business owner looking to grow your business, you must strongly focus on optimizing the entire customer experience journey.


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