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July 11, 2018

Bitcoin And The Internet

When Bitcoin was introduced to the internet in 2009 no-one could have predicted the impact of this new technology and the effect it would have on the gambling industry. Online casinos have grown with its introduction and brand new ones have opened due to the industry realizing the amazing potential it offers. Lots of people who say they are in the know like bankers claim that Bitcoin is just a bubble and will soon burst but with the amount invested in it and the industries built around it this will never happen as the industry is now too big. There have been many ups and downs but mainly ups and Bitcoin has proved it is here to stay as the fluctuations are less and less and its stability becomes clearer.

Casinos would not invest the vast sums of money needed to initiate new ones if they were not convinced the Bitcoin boon will continue and they have made some amazing advancements in software and innovative games due to the need of attracting players favoring this ever growing form of currency. These include 3d graphics, the ability to play on all platforms including mobile,  lounges where players can interact with live dealers and games that have a high entertainment value all due in part because of the Bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin has so many advantages both for the player and the casino. The reason provably fair technology was introduced was primarily because of Bitcoin. This meant that the house odds were clear to see and check and there was no way to cheat the system due to RNG (random number generator) the second advantage is the fact the deposits and withdrawals can be virtually instant due to the way Bitcoin works. The speed of transactions has always been a big problem for players and the use of Bitcoin takes away all the banking problems as no bank is necessary and therefore the costs are minimal compared with fiat currencies which can also take days to process. Thirdly Bitcoin allows anonymity which in these days of data stealing is a necessity as we hear more and more about losses of money as online thieves find new ways of stealing. Provided you keep your wallet safe and with SSL encryption you will never be taken advantage of.

A number of casinos offer bonuses in order to attract new players and ones that accept Bitcoin are no exception. We would recommend the no deposit Bitcoin bonus offers as these are no risk to your finances and give you an insight into the casino you are playing. There are other Bonuses offers available as the industry tries to attract the players with Bitcoin among them 100% matched bonus and ones with a number of free spins. Always worth looking at but always read the terms and conditions before accepting anything and always pick a site with a good customer service and well recommended as gambling should be a fun experience.


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