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August 11, 2017

The Top Tech Hubs You Should Move to in the South

Technology is going to play a significant role in our future. In the U.S., Silicon Valley and New York are famous for being hosts to amazing tech ideas transforming the world. Many states in the south are also picking up as well, establishing technological ideas and gradually becoming tech hubs capable of competing with California. If you are thinking about moving south, here are the top places to consider.

Dallas and Austin, Texas

When it comes to tech hubs Texas usually comes to mind first, and the reason is not that far-fetched. The cities of Austin and Dallas have a high population of tech graduates, which is one of the primary criteria needed to establish a global tech hub. The cities are already home to established and emerging tech companies like the mobile app developer Phunware, IT service provider CPSG Partners, and real estate CRM developer Think Tech Labs. Texas also boasts of funding opportunities with the presence of venture capitals that have helped the state fund some of the most promising and fastest growing tech companies today. Real estate is also very affordable in Texas, compared to other states. It is also located in a central region, which makes it easy to work with other businesses across the U.S.

Miami, Florida

In the past 10 years or so, Miami has been making deliberate moves to cut its own slice in the tech industry. The city's primary objectives are to offer a U.S. front for Latin America's tech entrepreneurs and to attract even more venture capitalists to fund emerging tech ideas. The attractive low cost of real estate is also something that many people should consider. These and many other factors have made Miami one of the top U.S. cities attracting foreign investors who want to set up base in the U.S. Miami has one of the highest startup densities, with 247.6 startups for every 100,000 people, and it is also witnessing a rise in incubator space for companies in different tech fields including 3D printing, robotics, coding, etc.

The big boys are also here. Companies like Facebook, Apple (News - Alert), Twitter, and Uber are moving in to establish bases, along with new investors that are eager to take advantage of new opportunities. Currently, there are 139 startups and companies on the Inc. 5000 list that are based in the Miami area, with the number expected to increase in a few years.


The state of Kentucky takes benefits from a physical advantage of being located in a central area in the United States. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Amazon is building a $1.5 billion hub for its own cargo airline. The move by Amazon is in no way a mere fiat, as it will create about 2,000 jobs and give established couriers like FedEx and UPS a run for their money. Kentucky is also investing in ultra-fast Internet facilities like Google (News - Alert) fiber and Kentucky Wired, which are expected to cover the length and breadth of the state and offer investors and startups the power to innovate. The best places to live in Kentucky for tech business are Louisville and Lexington, which have both become fertile ground for growing tech companies by providing build-ready sites for construction, attracting investors and venture capitalists, leading innovative forays in space, and ensuring that living and business costs remain low.

New York and Silicon Valley no longer have the monopoly of tech hubs and startup companies. Looking outside of these two places will offer you great opportunities, including attracting investors, avoiding heavy competition, accessing affordable real estate, and taking advantage of a talented workforce. Building a strong business requires foresight and taking advantage of new ideas, and that is what these cities are offering emerging entrepreneurs.


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