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July 10, 2017

6 Items Your Help Desk Wish They Had

Could your help desk use a little help of their own? It’s very likely, but it’s also common for help desk employees to be entry-level and uncertain about asking higher ups for an upgrade. However, making sure your help desk is kitted out with all the tools they need for success means that will trickle down to your customers. A happy, high-tech and smoothly operating help desk is a must for most companies. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked.

Help desks are stereotypically tucked into basements and field calls from frustrated and angry employees or customers. They’re the first point of contact when tech goes awry, whether the help desk is charged with keeping and entire university’s systems running or it’s a motley crew for a startup that’s offering innovative software to the general public.

If you’re in charge of a help desk, can you confidently say they have everything they need? Here’s a must-have guide to get started:

  1. Customer automation software. This isn’t necessarily a requirement for every help desk team, particularly smaller groups. However, if your help desk is bustling, customer service automation software that’s personalized and high-quality can be a lifesaver. Forget about the stressful “Press one for English” maze that’s easy to get lost in. The right software is designed to actually get customers the answers and/or connections they need in a timelier manner.
  2. Ergonomic desks. Ergonomic desks were trending a few years ago, but unfortunately they’ve fallen off the radar for many employers. Help desk employees are often seated for hours at a time, and all the aches and pangs that come with ill-fitting desks ultimately leads to grouchy employees, more sick leave, and in extreme cases worker’s compensation claims. Add ergonomic spaces to the crew and you’ll save money and increase customer happiness in the long haul.
  3. Regularly updated routine hardware and software. Beyond special software like customer automation, how often is the hardware and software your help desk team uses upgraded? What about the laptops or tablets they’re using, the keyboards, Microsoft (News - Alert) Office and malware protection? Ask the team what they’d like to see replaced, because they’re the ones working with it day after day. It’s not unusual to need regular upgrades numerous times per year to increase speed—another factor that will benefit both the customers and the business as a whole.
  4. Natural light and living plants. Natural light isn’t feasible for every help desk team, but if it’s possible it can seriously increase productivity, energy and good attitudes. Living plants of course increase oxygen availability, but studies have also shown that having plans in the workspace also decrease stress and even illnesses. Nobody wants to work in a dungeon. Give your help desk team a workspace where they’ll actually enjoy spending time.
  5. Quality help desk software. A help desk team needs applicable help desk software—that might sound obvious, but it’s surprising just how many of them don’t have it! Get customized help desk software that’s crafted to make their job faster and easier. Perhaps visualization software is a must for their niche, or big data analytics software is what’s missing from their cadre.
  6. CRM software. If your help desk crew is regularly handling customers in a more “call center” type of setting, don’t forget about the CRM software. Again, this isn’t for every help desk team, but if there’s a lot of B2C interaction, this can really streamline each ticket.

It’s easy for non-techies to think that help desk employees can manage in just about any setting. While it’s true these vital employees can work magic with even limited supplies, the more they have to struggle, the longer it will take to resolve every issue. Keep their tech upgraded, and it’s a win-win for all.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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