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June 02, 2017

New Netwrix Tool Improves IT Performance

You know how the old saying goes that you get what you pay for? While most of the time that statement reflects reality, there are always exceptions that help underscore the rule thanks to the sheer rarity at which these occur. One such exception came to light with Netwrix Corporation, whose new Netwrix Auditor Free Community Edition shows us all that sometimes you get more than you pay for, particularly when IT is involved.

The Netwrix Auditor Free Community Edition system offers access to a simple way for organizations to get better insight into IT operations on a truly cost-effective basis. With established Netwrix technology at its base, the end result is a much easier way to spot potential problems and find avenues for improvement.

IT operations benefit from a variety of tools included in the Netwrix Auditor system, including user activity monitoring that runs itself and can effectively spot access events as well as changes made during the preceding 24 hours. It also automatically delivers the information about these issues directly to a user's mailbox, which allows potential problems to be spotted within hours, rather than weeks. The system runs continuously at no charge, allowing for ease of somewhat minimal access, and those who want to step up to the full version—and the expanded feature set therein—can do so quickly and easily.

Perhaps best of all, the Netwrix Auditor system supports a wide variety of potential tools, including Active Directory, Oracle (News - Alert) databases, SQL Server, Windows Server, file servers in general, and Office 365, among a variety of others.

Netwrix's co-founder and CEO Michael Fimin noted, “Over the last few years, we have seen rapid growth in cyber attacks hitting small companies and startups. Although SMBs require a thorough understanding what is going on across their networks, they often lack the human and financial resources to deploy a full-scale visibility solution. Netwrix meets this market demand by providing freeware that enables small companies to stay on top of what's going on in their IT environments at no cost.”

For IT departments, a tool like this would have to be a godsend. Something that offers incredible monitoring capability at no charge is an incredible cost-benefit ratio in action. While it might not be enough for everyone, the upgrade to the full version would be simple enough to accomplish, and getting funding for such an upgrade would probably be a breeze after revealing what the free version did on its own. That kind of free-sample policy will likely mean big sales for Netwrix going forward, thanks to the ability to show just what it can do before anyone puts cash down for it.

Edited by Alicia Young

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