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February 21, 2017

Teramind's New Feature Detects Insider Threats

The digital threats that come from outside of an organization are well documented, which get the lion share of the attention from IT departments. However, the threat from within is just as detrimental if the appropriate security protocols are not put in place. Teramind, which provides insider threat solutions, has just announced a new patent pending intelligent session mining feature designed to help organizations with the best analytics automate the detection and prevention of insider threats. The company is also expanding its partner program this coming year by helping managed service providers (MSPs) and value added resellers (VAR) increase their bottom line.

The new intelligent session mining feature makes it possible for administrators to turn an employee's entire screen into searchable text by indexing all text that the user sees, including text in images and RDP sessions. This includes string or regex search parameters that create rules to alert or react automatically to text appearance, making it the first company with this capability in its field of user behavior analytics.

“As dedicated go-to technology resources, VARs and IT service providers are in a unique position to help their clients stay ahead of an increasing vulnerability faced within organizations today – the invisibility factor of insider threats. Every new feature we release is to make it easier for organizations to automate the prevention and detection of malicious activity and improve security,” said Isaac Kohen, CEO of Teramind.

The platform has unique capabilities, including the ability to provide options to proactively block malicious activity in real-time, application monitoring, a smart rules engine, and risk behavior analysis. And when a more hands-on approach is needed, the remote desktop takeover option allows companies to track and record employees’ computer behavior.

The partnership program is going to allow MSPs and VARs to offer the Teramind cloud or on-premises endpoint monitoring and security platform as part of their portfolios with hands-on training for staff, and with first-level support for customers. The MSPs and VARs will also get the benefit of recurring revenue opportunities for white label solutions as well as referrals in 2017.

Since data breaches are now being carried out with the help of insiders, the solutions traditional security vendors delivered did not address this particular problem. According to Akos Bodis, Product Manager, Yellowcube, “This threat can only be countered with new players bringing fresh approaches to IT security, just like Teramind does.”

Edited by Alicia Young

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