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June 28, 2016

Robin Systems Aims to Help Extend Containers to Data-Heavy Applications

Robin Systems has announced support for containers. The new Robin Containerization Platform enables users to get the best performance from containerized environments.

As a result, Robin Systems can now support containers, as well as lightweight virtual machines that can be used to containerize Oracle (News - Alert) databases and other technologies that don’t run inside containers, Sushil Kumar, CMO of Robin Systems, explained to me in an interview last week at DockerCon in Seattle.

“Containers are natural platform for consolidating data applications,” said Kumar, who added that Robin is trying to extend containers to a whole new type of application.

Customers running data-heavy applications, such as those who use Cassandra or Oracle databases, are ideal customers for Robin Systems, Kumar said. Robin Systems enables customers to continue using these technologies, but makes them more efficient by enabling them to run on the same hardware.

The Robin System software runs on commodity hardware and has a fabric controller that is driven 100 percent from an application perspective. Initially it was available only for on-premises deployments, but shortly it will be supported on the cloud. Robin systems can containerize any app out there, like Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.

To deliver predictable performance, users need to control all the resources the app touches, which includes CPUs, memory, and the like, Kumar added. Robin Systems tags every IO request from the compute layer to the data layer, so users know the priority of the app and can make sure high priority apps are served faster than the low priority apps.

When it comes to data-heavy applications, if you don’t enforce IO control you will see one app step on the other apps’ toes, said Kumar. But Robin makes sure that doesn’t happen by ensuring everything is put into the right queue.

“We believe the growing community of developers making use of Docker containers will find great advantage by combining it with Robin’s technology,” said Robin Systems CEO Premal Buch. “Robin Containerization Platform simplifies developers’ lives by easing full-stack application deployment and lifecycle management. At the same time it addresses IT ops concerns around performance, data protection, and security. We are thrilled to be part of the containerization revolution sweeping the enterprise data center and proud to move the needle forward.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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