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June 20, 2016

NetApp SolidFire Officially Announces Docker Volume Plug-In

NetApp SolidFire today at DockerCon unveiled the NetApp Docker Volume Plug-In, a universal driver for Docker that allows customers to save data across containers so that data continues to be available (even if the container with which it was associated isn’t) for other services that might need it, and for compliance purposes. The plug-in is now available on GitHub.

“The number of use cases for persistent storage alongside containers is ever growing,” says NetApp SolidFire. “Our development work around Docker volume plug-ins makes deploying and managing storage more simple and intuitive. NetApp’s participation in several technology partner programs, including Docker’s Ecosystem Technology Partner program and Mesosphere’s Open DC/OS program, showcase our commitment to the broader container ecosystem.”

Val Bercovici, NetApp SolidFire’s CTO, says the company’s technology makes it easier for cloud providers and enterprises to do cloud-like elastic storage solution without the complexity, overhead, and staff that typically requires. The target buyer of NetApp SolidFire solutions, he adds, tends not to be the storage admin, but rather is more likely to be VMware teams; Open Stack teams; and, increasingly, developers working with containers at scale.

There’s an interesting evolution happening related to the IT operations-led trend of virtualizing apps for increased resource efficiency on servers, adds Bercovici. With Open Stack, newer software defines the hardware it runs on, he says. Now with the container ecosystem (not limited just to Docker), a continuation of that trend is happening in which enterprise teams developing tablet and other apps are just writing code, looking at computing code, the storage tier, CPU resources, pools of memory, etc. NetApp SolidFire  addresses that trend, enabling them to quickly and efficiently spin up containers.

NetApp recently bought all-flash storage company SolidFire, in an $870 million deal announced in December.

“This acquisition will benefit current and future customers looking to gain the benefits of webscale cloud providers for their own data centers,” NetApp CEO George Kurian said at the time. “SolidFire combines the performance and economics of all-flash storage with a webscale architecture that radically simplifies data center operations and enables rapid deployments of new applications.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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