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March 09, 2016

IntelliChief Launches ECM Update with Plenty of New Features

IntelliChief is known as the company dedicated to improving enterprise content management (ECM). As such, it’s not surprising that it recently released a new version of its own ECM offering with a number of new features and enhancements.

In particular, IntelliChief 3.6 ECM features company environment-specific configured business process automation, with multi-format document capture, full text and zonal search and interdepartmental workflow. The release also features enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and line of business application (LOB) integration for project and transaction information validation.

The full host of new features in IntelliChief 3.6 ECM is indeed extensive. Highlights include: Temporary User Designation, which allows IntelliChief system users to temporarily assign access rights to other staff. This is particularly useful in out-of-office situations, allowing approvals and other collaboration flowing uninterrupted.

Also new this version is Document Capture-Phase Notations, which allows information to be added and edited to content during capture, prior even to a document file being created. Once the file is created, all information is contained securely in one place. Of course, additional notes can be added afterwards.

Configured Document Search enhances IntelliChief ECM’s search features to enable searching by content and type using convenient index fields optimized for each user’s specific environment. Meanwhile, Individual Internationalization grants each user a multinational, multilingual environment with their preferred language set as the default for greater global adaptability.

With Document Match and Release, newly uploaded documents are matched with the project or transaction documentation presently in workflow. This improves routing, collaborations and approvals speed.

Notification on Your Time allows users to receive their workflow action notifications together, at a specific time of their choosing. Alternatively, they can choose to receive individual notifications as they occur.

Finally, Spooled File Templates Tools is a feature intended specifically for use with iSeries-platform ERPs. This feature offers flexibility enhancements in terms of document selection for import inclusion with the ability to output spooled file documents as text pages with all processing profile and index values included. These pages can be imported directly into IntelliChief for streamlined interaction between ERP and ECM.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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