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February 11, 2016

DB Networks Enables Advanced Cybersecurity for OEMs

There can be little doubt that security is top of mind for C-levels around the world. This pertains to the protection of physical as well as digital/electronic assets. Indeed, in digital domains there has been acceleration in innovative security solutions coming to market. They touch “E”verything—devices, local and wide area networks, data centers, applications and business processes. The goal is to assure that data is protected when it is at rest, on the move and being processed.  

Whether from established vendors or startups, a great place to get educated and kick the tires of the latest security products and services will be at the forthcoming RSA (News - Alert) Conference 2016 in San Francisco Feb. 29-March 4. In fact, a good place you may wish to put on your list of places to visit is the DB Networks booth. The reason is the announcement that they will be showcasing the just released DB Networks Layer 7 Database Sensor solution.

Securing the database from the get go with full-spectrum network visibility

As readers are aware, Compute, Storage and Network are the three pillars of data centers. With so much of the concentration these days on high-level concerns that include security, it is sometimes gets lost in the shuffle that the way in which we experience all of the new apps and services is as a result of high-speed and hopefully secure dips into databases. Hence, the security of how database info is handled as it is accessed and transited throughout the entire database infrastructure is to say the least non-trivial. Plus, inquiring and responsible minds really want and need to know what is going on.

This is where DB Networks Layer 7 Sensor solution fills a critical function. It provides OEM partners with real-time deep protocol analysis of database traffic.  OEM partners offering solutions such as Incident Response (IR) services, Breach Detection Systems (BDS), Data Leak Prevention (DLP), and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) products will be able to integrate DB Networks Sensors into their products for true full-spectrum security. Plus, as DB Networks notes, “the solution provides OEMs with machine learning and behavioral analysis technology to immediately identify database attacks.” 

The latter is not insignificant as IT security professionals know all too well. To paraphrase the saying of infamous bank robber Willie Sutton, bad guys attack databases because that is where the value is they are seeking to exploit.

As the name states the solution is about sensors. The enabling real-time situational awareness lead to a reduction of incident response costs with accurate alarming and rapid remediation. What the solution does is as follows:

  • Assesses the database infrastructure through database and application non-intrusive discovery.
  • Provides insights into SQL traffic including all interactions of applications (and other database clients) to their connected databases.
  • Identifies violations of database connectivity policies.
  • Uses highly accurate behavioral analysis to detect advanced database attacks in real-time.

For OEMs there is plenty to consider as well in terms of the extensive integrations with existing security solutions. These include:

  • Non-intrusive deployment via network TAP or SPAN port — won’t interfere with other cybersecurity systems such as WAFs, IDSs, or DAMs.
  • Compliant with continuous monitoring requirements specified in NIST 800-53, PCI (News - Alert) DSS, COBIT DS5.5, HIPAA, & GLBA.
  • Enhanced insights into database network activity.
  • Implementation as virtual appliance under VMware ESXi 5.1, 5.5.

“We use DB Networks’ Layer 7 Database Sensor to complement our Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint products when conducting Compromise Assessments,” said Michael Buratowski, vice president of services at Fidelis Cybersecurity. “DB Networks helps us analyze database activity and usage patterns and identify malicious database activity for our customers.”

 “Today databases threats are largely opaque to SOC staff,” said DB Networks’ Chairman and CEO Brett Helm. “Our new Layer 7 Database Sensor’s ability to immediately identify data tier threats through deep protocol analysis and machine learning is being integrated into a variety of existing information security products. OEMs can now quickly enter the new era of machine learning and behavioral analysis-based information security without investing significant capital and time in the effort.”

What will be a primary focus at RSA is how the industry is meeting customer demands for more real-time visibility into their entire “E”vironments, and the simultaneous ability to better and faster control them. Customers will also be looking for are tools that provide information and analysis that can enable them to be proactive in anticipating and mitigating risks and not just reactive. 

Clearly, having full visibility into the database infrastructure is critical.  It should be added that customers already have significant investments in security solutions and are looking for capabilities that enhance what they are using today without major disruption or cost.  


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