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November 16, 2015

Vidder Talks About the Challenges & Solutions for Enterprise Security

When Vidder launched for business in 2009 as a consulting company that built secure networks for companies, many businesses thought its solutions were far more secure than was actually necessary. Today Vidder offers a software-defined perimeter service called PrecisionAccess, which is used to protect assets with a book value of $1 billion or more, and Fortune 500 customers clearly understand the need for this kind of security.

That’s the word from Vidder President and CTO Junaid Islam, a 25-year networking veteran, who spoke with me last week at TMC (News - Alert) Editor’s Day Silicon Valley.

Vidder, Islam explained, has developed a solution that automatically connects PKI systems to identity systems and leverages that ID to set up secure links. This software-defined perimeter solution can be used to create secure connections in a matter of seconds.

The company’s solution configures VPNs per person, and nothing during this process is cached, Islam added. During VPN provisioning the solution looks at the applications that the person wants to get to and then it looks at what IP addresses, ports and protocols those apps use. So if someone steals credentials, the Vidder system limits what they can access and what they can do. Vidder also employs geolocation so it knows the whereabouts of the people who are seeking connectivity. That way, if the person making the request is not where he or she is expected to be, the system creates an alarm so the security team can take steps to ensure that person is authorized to access what they are trying to get.

Because most companies prefer to keep their security strategies on the down low, Vidder is unable to divulge most of its users, said Islam, but he did note that Coca-Cola in a Wall Street Journal article mentioned it is a Vidder customer. And he said that Vidder is getting a lot of traction in the marketplace as the risk of a direct attack becomes more recognized by C-suite leaders.

However, while the leaders of major businesses understand they need to secure their enterprises, Islam added, it often takes Vidder customers an entire year of talking and testing its solution before they’re ready to go.

“We always end up meeting with the board of directors, always,” he said.

Many businesses are also grappling with how much to spend on security, and on what security tools and services, he added. Part of the issue is that there’s no industry consensus on how much of a business’s IT spend should go to security.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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