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October 19, 2015

Verismic Offers Power Manager to Help the Environment

Verismic, a provider of IT management software for enterprises across the globe, is standing up for the environment.

The company’s latest announcement regards the latest upgrade to its Cloud Management Suite (CMS), a set of software tools for cloud-based IT management. This upgrade includes a link to the Verismic Power Manager, which handles power management of networked computers, and can help provide companies with savings on their energy bills.

Ashley Leonard, the president and CEO of Verismic, commented on the need for saving power in this time when global energy consumption is reaching record levels.

“At Verismic, we take this to heart – all year round – by working to provide organizations with green IT solutions at a time when energy consumption across the globe is at an all-time high,” Leonard said. “By leveraging technology from our industry-leading Power Manager platform, we can protect our customers’ enterprise networks through CMS’ unmatched endpoint management capabilities and protect the environment by managing IT system-generated electricity over-use.”

One of the primary benefits of CMS is its cloud-based nature. By working entirely in remote servers, clients can avoid conflicts with their own software and hardware they use or any third-party programs they may utilize on a daily basis. Clients can use any Web browser to enter the CMS interface and gain a complete look at their entire IT systems and associated energy usage.

The system is simple enough to work for small and midsize organizations but remains powerful enough to handle international businesses. From the console, IT managers can make sure that unused devices will power down at the end of the work day. Admins can see which devices use the most power and potentially decide to upgrade on-site hardware to match their energy goals. CMS can also handle unique tasks, such as virus scanning across networks, to make sure all computers within a network are clean and ready to use. It also control inventory management and can patch network computers with the latest software upgrades – all automatically.

For its solid software development, Verismic made TMC’s (News - Alert) list of those companies which were awarded a 2015 Cloud Computing Excellence Award. It stands alongside large market players such as Avaya and Five9 for its development of CMS and involvement in the cloud-based software industry.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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