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September 09, 2015

Dalet Integrates Aspera High-Speed Connection into Media Asset Management Platform

IBM has announced that Dalet, a provider of software solutions for media organizations, has integrated FASP high-speed transfer technology from Aspera (News - Alert) into its Dalet Galaxy enterprise media asset management platform. Aspera is owned by IBM.

“Aspera’s high-speed file transfer technology is capable of moving the largest file sizes at the fastest speeds, which significantly enhances the user experience and increases productivity. By speeding the upload of high-res media files, Aspera unlocks access to the versatile Dalet business solutions for media workflows,” said John Wastcoat, VP of business development at Aspera.

Dalet Galaxy helps media organizations such as film and television studios and post-production houses manage and track the various media assets that make up a production. A lot of bigger organizations have multiple sites, but uncompressed video files are very large. Transferring these files can take a long time over traditional technologies such as FTP.

While even the fastest broadband connections can occasionally choke on compressed video streams, transferring the files that media organizations need to edit into shows and movies can seriously slow down production times.

The bottleneck for transmission speeds over Internet connections is TCP. While it ensures reliability, it does this by limiting the packet flow rate, requiring the sender to receive an acknowledgement that every packet was received.

Aspera’s FASP eliminates TCP’s coupling of rate control and reliability, ensuring maximum transmission speeds while making sure files are transmitted reliability.

The fast transfer speeds will make it easier for media producers to collaborate. An editor can get footage in an editing bay from an on-location shoot and start working with it immediately, turning it around much faster than was possible previously.

“The fast transfers brought about through the integration of Aspera beautifully complement our advanced multi-site features while offering our customers a solution that meets their needs for speed, reliability and security,” said Yoav Stahl, director of product management for Dalet.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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