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August 10, 2015

XCEL to Leverage Canadian Web Hosting to Deliver VMware-based Cloud

XCEL Professional Services provides IT support and consulting services to major cities in Western Canada. In order to expand its service offering, it will now partner with Canadian Web Hosting which offers enterprise-grade infrastructure-as-a-service throughout the country.

Canadian Web Hosting recently announced that it would begin assisting XCEL to deliver VMware-based cloud services packages to clients in more cities than its usual fare of Calgary and Edmonton where XCEL has its headquarters. Rob Hay, the president of XCEL, commented in the announcement that it intends to reach clients small and large with its full range of services such as e-commerce and business management tools.

“Our goal is to enable our customers to benefit from a fully integrated and dynamic cloud environment. Whether it is a small startup or a global Canadian company serving tens of millions, it takes not only vision, but also top-notch resources,” Hay said. “Working with Canadian Web Hosting is a key component of our future cloud strategy – and the Canadian Web Hosting team has been instrumental in providing the infrastructure we needed to succeed in hyper-growth mode.”

That “hyper-growth mode” Hay cites concerns his company's dispensing of many IT-related business services. In addition to e-commerce and business management, XCEL also offers website creation, support for mobile and desktop applications, and tools for mobile connections to company networks.

The backbone of its services lies in the Canadian Web Hosting VMware-based cloud that ensures data security and accessibility through a redundant infrastructure. This service comes alongside SSAE 16 certification and professional IT specialists to help organization troubleshoot any problems they may have with any network services.

Canadian Web Hosting said it is excited to assist XCEL with its goals. More than that, however, its Chief Strategy Officer Matt McKinney commented that this is a good example of the benefits of collaboration between companies. Businesses in Western Canada should benefit from the expertise XCEL has in its geographical area which will now find aid from the Canadian Web Hosting cloud. The delivery of cloud-based services is expected to see tremendous growth through 2019, so there will likely be no shortage of new XCEL customers hoping to grab part of the cloud. Whether they desire basic website creation or complete business management, they should find a stable platform for their needs with the collaboration of these two Canadian service providers.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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