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June 22, 2015

Survey Shows Workers Happier With In-House IT Departments

Despite the perception that company employees are growing ever more annoyed with company IT departments, a new survey run by LANDESK shows that employees are actually quite happy with their in-house IT departments. In fact, the report shows that more than 80 percent of employees gave their IT departments an “A” or a “B” when asked to assign their IT departments a letter grade.

Despite the fact that a majority of the respondents said they were quite happy with their IT departments, 81 percent also said they prefer to deal with their own problems before they ask their help desk. That number might seem a bit high for a group of people who like their IT professionals, it’s possible the number comes from people who have confidence in that group. The large population in that 81 percent might feel as though their IT department can get them out of any jam and therefore they can do some trial and error beforehand.

“The results of this survey validate exactly what we already believed at LANDESK –IT departments are doing increasingly better work and end users are more empowered to solve issues on their own,” Steve Daly, CEO of LANDESK said in a recent statement. “This shift gives IT teams more time to focus on solving the more vexing IT issues they’re faced with each day.”

The reasons people are happier with their IT departments than in the past are fairly obvious. The report found that 88 percent of respondents feel the IT department responds quickly to a problem and have even the toughest issues solved in less than 24 hours. 28 percent of that group says their issues are solved inside an hour. This efficiency is highly appreciated by employees.

Respondents are also losing less work time than previously believed. 46 percent now say they are losing less than an hour of work time per month and 80 percent say they are losing less than three hours of work per month. All in all, better trained IT departments have led to more productive and happier workplaces and those workplaces are only getting more productive.


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