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November 20, 2014

Radware Announces an Always on DDoS Mitigation Service

The data breaches that cost Target (News - Alert) and Home Depot tens of millions of dollars in losses as well as the personal information of more than 100 million customers is the extent to which the vast majority of people know about cyberattacks. But countless number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks go without making the headlines every single year, even though they cause just as much or more damage to businesses around the world. The 2014 Neustar Annual DDoS Attacks and Impact Report reveals on average a DDoS attack isn't detected until 4.5 hours after its commencement; and a further 4.9 hours passes before mitigation can commence. With an average of almost 10 hours before anything is initiated, it is essential to have a DDoS mitigation service that is always on, which is what Radware announced it will start providing to its enterprise customers.

Radware (News - Alert), provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, has introduced a cyberattack mitigation service with an “Always-On” hybrid” DDoS attack mitigation service to ensure enterprises are protected from a global threat which is initiated by different entities, including organized crime, governments, hacktivists and others.

The Neustar report questioned 200 IT managers for companies with an online marketing or commercial web presence, with 70 percent of them having e-commerce operations. According to the survey, the average outage costs $100,000 per hour, which translates to $1 million before the company even begins to mitigate the DDoS attack.

The lack of understanding by organizations about the nature of modern attacks and relying on in-house technology to defend themselves is an ongoing problem that continues to highlight their deficiencies. The Radware hybrid service is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that integrates on-premises detection and mitigation with cloud-based volumetric attack scrubbing.

For small to midsize enterprises without in-house security teams as well as large enterprises looking to outsource their DDoS mitigation services, they can integrate this new solution to provide protection for the data center with an accurate and real-time detection and mitigation of multi-vector DDoS attacks.

Radware's Attack Mitigation Service includes:

  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) 24x7 support with a single point of contact security experts with deep knowledge of threats, attack tools, intelligence and mitigation technologies,
  • OPEX (News - Alert) based Attack Mitigation Service subscription,
  • End-to-end service and protection leaving the ownership, monitoring and mitigation with Radware,
  • Online web portal that provides network statistics and attacks' situational awareness,
  • Non-volumetric, low and slow attack protection,
  • Encrypted SSL attack protection, and
  • High availability and low latency – global network of attack scrubbing centers.

“When using an on premise device or a cloud based DDoS solution, these tools are not as effective on their own as they are integrated,” says Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions, Radware. “Most vendors only provide a solution in a very specific area such as HTTP floods, Cloud or DNS attacks and having multiple vendors adds unnecessary complexity and delays in attack protection and mitigation.”

As the holiday shopping season fast approaches, the Target breach that took place last year no doubt is in the mind of many IT administrators. If organizations don’t protect digital assets 24 hours a day with mitigation services such as the Radware platform provides, downtimes that last more than 10 hours or even days can wipe out the profits many companies depend on at the end of the year.

Neustar's market manager for DDoS solutions Susan Warner said it best in the report, “If an attack results in an outage lasting days, the economic results could be catastrophic. To some companies, it could even be fatal.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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