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October 01, 2014

Aryaka's CDN Offering: Boon for Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics was primarily founded to provide economic forecasting and modeling to U.K. companies and financial institutions expanding abroad. Needing to retain its reputation as an independent global advisory firm that provided an unparalleled ability to forecast external market trends, it had to improve application response time for global users. It hence selected Aryaka (News - Alert)'s CDN for Web application delivery.

Aryaka's CDN for Web application delivery is stated to be unlike traditional CDN solutions that route traffic over the public Internet. In terms of average Web page response time, the Aryaka solution is up to 3 times faster compared to most traditional CDN offerings. It also has the ability to minimize congestion problems typically associated with Internet-based connectivity, can reduce origin site server load while ensuring that bandwidth is optimally used.

The advisory firm has offices across the globe and a contributor network of over 500 economists, analysts and journalists around the world that uploads content continuously for the company’s client base of more than 850 international corporate and government organizations. However, there appeared to be a large disparity in the speed of delivery of its website and data services to customers. Staff uploading content and clients accessing services from different parts of the world didn't enjoy uniformly high speeds across all regions.

And in some regions, the network problem got worse when end users and application servers were separated by huge distances or oceans.

“Some of our complex subscription pages were taking anywhere between 10 - 20 seconds to load despite having normal server CPU load and disk I/O,” said Arvindra Sehmi, CIO at Oxford Economics.

Oxford Economics thus realized that the network performance for users across the globe needed to keep pace with business growth rate and user experience and mobile delivery channels needed to be bettered. None of the traditional CDN solutions appeared suitable. However, Aryaka’s content delivery as-a-service fit the bill. Its impressive performance during trials and the excellent support that was provided were clinchers.

“The incredible simplicity of the solution and excellent support during the trials was the winner for me. All we had to do was change one DNS entry and we were up and running!" said Sehmi.

Oxford Economics had no cause to regret deploying Aryaka. It stated that it experienced 90 percent faster response time, a 98 percent cache hit rate, 100 percent availability, high consistent performance across the globe and world class support that included in-depth network utilization analytics and insight.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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