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September 30, 2014

TDS Telecom Intros younited Personal Cloud Service

With increased use of various mobile devices by consumers, collating files stored on these devices and getting access to them in a single place is a daunting task.  Catering to this modern day need, TDS Telecom (TDS) is introducing a new personal cloud service called younited by F-Secure (News - Alert).

TDS Telecom offers businesses with various communications solutions, such as VoIP (managedIP Hosted) phone service, dedicated high-speed Internet and hosted-managed services.

With TDS’ new younited, files from an unlimited number of devices can be backed up and accessed anytime from anywhere via the younited website or younited app. The younited app is available for both iOS and Android (News - Alert) operating systems.

Apart from being a simple backup service, younited also allows customers to organize their files and create collections to share.

As elucidated by Casey Thompson, manager of consumer product development, TDS, in a statement, the new younited is very different from traditional file backup services in handling personal computer files. Unlike traditional backup services, it addresses today’s mobile technology as it is a cloud-based service that works on mobile devices.

According to TDS, Younited subscribers can safely share files with friends and family using the service’s secure email and text links or even by linking to a Chromecast TV dongle. Above all, subscribers can also “unshare” previously shared files for additional control over their digital footprint.

“The service is an incredibly safe way to backup all your important files, and it’s also just so much more convenient,” Thompson added in a statement. “It’s automatic so you can ‘set it and forget it’ but still organize, access, and share what you want in seconds.”

“What’s so powerful about younited is it allows customers to unify all their files—whether they are photos taken on a smartphone, videos taken on a tablet, important office documents, or files in other cloud services like DropBox,” further added Thompson. “With younited, they’re all accessible from one location.”

Currently, the new service is available for $5.95/month or purchased as part of a money-saving Plus Pack. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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