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September 25, 2014

CloudEndure Makes Disaster Recovery Across Multiple Cloud Providers and Locations Possible

As cloud technology continues to evolve, more services are being integrated into the ecosystem, which is allowing individuals and organizations to get rid of on-premises solutions. One of the services that is currently available in the cloud is disaster recovery (DR), which more than any other solution is ideally suited for the cloud.

In the past, backing up the data for recovery generally required cold storage off-site backups by hard drive, and if all scenarios are considered even the location where the drive is located can be damaged. However, cloud DR can distribute the data amongst multiple locations around the world, dramatically reducing the chances of total loss. CloudEndure, provider of real-time replication and recovery of any IT workload, announced the delivery of multi-cloud migration and disaster recovery services to, across, and between cloud providers and locations.

CloudEndure creates an exact replica of the entire application stack complete with the latest data, services and configuration data. It does this by spinning up a fully functioning up to the second copy of any IT workload in any chosen cloud location. This type of backup ensures an organization’s entire system is continually backed up and made readily available instantly, which is the best way to implement a DR initiative in an organization.

Since no one can really predict when a power outage will take place or how much damage a natural disaster will cause, an effective cloud DR can safeguard a company from delayed recovery. According to CloudEndure , 54 percent of organizations have stated they have experienced at least one unplanned outage in the last three months. If the backup is not automated, and standard cloud migration taking a considerable amount of time to complete, one of these outages can result in considerable damages to the organization.

The CloudEndure platform allows enterprises to migrate and recover their valuable data from months to minute by:

  • Creating a copy of your entire application stack at any cloud location
  • Mirroring changes at block level to the cloud location in real time using Continuous Data Protection to ensure minimal data loss, unlike snapshot-based solutions that replicate at distinct and infrequent time intervals
  • Neutralizing a downtime crisis or accelerating cloud migration by automatically spinning up a replica of your entire application across cloud locations and providers within minutes; this ensures maximum uptime

The company claims it has developed the only cloud-based CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technology, which can go a long way in delivering a seamless solution that can be used by everyone resulting in a measurable improvement in business continuity and workload mobility.

“Across all industries, businesses are struggling to adopt cloud computing efficiently while mitigating financial and technological risks directly affecting their revenues and reputation. CloudEndure’s robust services simplify cloud adoption while preventing the threat of downtime by continuously copying data from any IT workload to the cloud location of choice,” said CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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