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September 08, 2014

University of Southern California and AdShare Develop Digital Fingerprinting Tool

AdShare, a provider of social media monetization services for music, film, television, and sports rights-holders has agreed to a partnership with the University of Southern California (USC).

Both the powerhouses have collaborated to develop and commercialize an advanced audio fingerprinting technology. An audio fingerprint is a compact content-based signature that summarizes an audio recording. The new technology is carving out a niche in the music market that extends not only to music lovers, but also copyright holders hoping to safeguard their own holdings.

Under this partnership, AdShare will work with the top technologists at the major university to innovate this new functionality, which promises to outperform the competition in precision, agility, and usability. The project is led by acclaimed, published Professor C.C. Jay Kuo, Dean’s Professor of Electrical Engineering – Systems.

Kuo stated that the product named Fast Audio Matching (FAM) is in late stage development and will be a force to be reckoned with. FAM is used to detect clean and dirty or degraded audio despite background noise or distortions. The new technology extracts inherent audio fingerprints from an audio clip and detects clean and/or degraded audio that has the master sound recording mixed with dialogue and sound effects such as in a movie, TV show or commercial.

The FAM system can be run on a personal computer running Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP now, and will be implemented in mobile devices with a cloud environment in the near future.

C.C. Jay Kuo says Jason Peterson, CEO of Adshare said in a statement, “We are proud to announce our partnership with USC and one of the pre-eminent minds in signal processing, we are excited to introduce and commercialize the next generation of audio recognition technology.” Peterson wants to use this technology to find out and track uses of media across broadcast and digital networks to generate new revenue models for the media business. Earlier, AdShare has used basic fingerprinting and has progressed to intermediate technology. 

Recently, AdShare and Primo Media launched a partnership designed to help Latin Artists recognize the full potential of their content while forming stronger connections with fans and brands.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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