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August 21, 2014

Adminovate Selects GraphiteGTC for Rapid Software Development

Mobile technology is allowing organizations to develop apps to address a wide range of services and products they offer to customers. Whether it is a limited marketing campaign or the launch of a new product, apps lets businesses create a touch point in which consumers can easily interact with the company using a device most of us carry with us at all times.

The accessibility factor is one of the biggest reasons app development has become an important component of the overall digital presence of a company. As organizations look for the most convenient solution for developing applications, GraphiteGTC, a graphical development environment that produces enterprise-class software applications, makes it possible to rapidly deploy a product without coding.

A company that has adopted the Graphite GTC platform is Adminovate, a software and solutions provider for the life, health, and annuity industries to quickly develop and implement insurance solutions. Using this platform the company was able to design forwardPAS, a component based end-to-end policy administration solution for life, health and annuity products.

The forwardPAS application has all the tools to leverage HTML5 and CSS3 so users on mobile computing devices can access the insurance information they are looking for—it contains e-Application, portals, new business and underwriting, policy administration, claims, commissions and more.

Solutions that are generated using GraphiteGTC are mobile enabled and internationalized so it can support a global user base. Adminovate was able to use the graphical tools and automation to improve the software implementation and lifecycle of the product, which resulted in shorter project timelines, lower costs, better quality, and software with improved maintenance.

Every component of an application is built without having to deal with programmatic code. Using the visual modeling tools application screens, processing logic, and the database can be designed with better collaboration between experts of the subject matter and IT. Enterprise end-to-end solutions can be generated automatically to implement and manage applications with greater ease.

Some of the GraphiteGTC features include:

  • Drag-and-drop UI Builder to produce modern, responsive user interfaces and portals
  • Flowchart-style Process Builder to express all processing and business logic
  • Visual Entity Builder to define all application data requirements and relationships
  • Seamless “synching” mechanism for new content upgrades
  • Automatic generation of fully documented, standards-based, predictable applications
  • Integrated graphical testing suite

"GraphiteGTC is truly industry changing software. Companies now have a choice to replace their existing legacy systems or integrate new features into those older systems without spending significant time and money to do so. We can provide out-of-the-box portals, e-App, e-Sign, complete mobility, multi-currency and multi-language, as well as robust life, health, and annuity product support," said Chris Doggett, Co-founder and CEO of Adminovate. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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