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July 29, 2014

Vodien Expands its Content Delivery Network

Vodien, a company that offers web hosting solutions, recently announced that it has established 15 new points of presence (POP) in key cities around the world. The new points of presence expand the company’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), resulting in faster connectivity and improved performance of their website. The cities where the new points of presence have been established are: (Asia) Hong Kong, Batam, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, (Europe) Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, (North America) Chicago, Dallas, Ashburn, Atlanta, Miami and (South America) Sao Paulo.

Headquartered in Singapore, Vodien Internet Solutions claims to offer blazing fast, secure, and reliable CDN hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, collocation services, dedicated servers, and domain name registrations at an affordable cost. The company serves clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Most of the online audience is not in one singular area, but rather, located everywhere around the world. Vodien's continuous CDN expansion means that content is delivered to the intended audience from the nearest edge network location faster,” says Jim Yang, Vodien’s infrastructure manager, in a recent press release. “Adding more points of presence will support Vodien customers’ websites and allow them to deliver content more efficiently to their audiences.”

In related news, Vodien recently announced an enhanced Web Hosting Reseller Program to help resellers grow their own web hosting brand while maximizing profitability. This program targets value-added resellers and partners with mid to large size customer bases that needs high-performing web hosting solutions.

Resellers can expect to have flexible plans, seamless back-end support, personalized server names, and peace of mind with regular server backups. ResellerComplete Plan starts at $40 SGD per month with 50 GB storage and if clients need more, they can add $20 SGD to upgrade to the Reseller Ultimate Plan.  

Edited by Adam Brandt

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