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May 16, 2014

Free your Mac from Adware

To protect your computer against malware and cyber threats, Bitdefender, the innovative antivirus software provider, has released the Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool. This tool can remove aggressive adware such as Genieo that can alter users' search results, inject ads and monitor web sites visited.

Bitdefender is the creator of one of the world's fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified internet security software. The company technology secures the digital experience of 400 million home and corporate users across the globe.

The removal tool for Macs can quickly scan a user's system for adware and its elements and, if detected, asks for permission to remove it. It then removes all traces of the software and resets browser settings that were changed by the adware, eliminating unwanted ads and modified default search results. This tool offers better user experience on your computer and while browsing the web.

Adware-heavy software doesn't technically constitute malware, but it can often spread by means such as fake application installers and codecs. The removal tool so far recognizes and removes only Genieo..

Genieo is a search engine program that will change your personal and default browser settings upon installation. Although Genieo often comes with an uninstaller, users regularly report that it doesn't work or it leaves active software behind.

Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Catalin Cosoi Said in a statement, “Several Mac users have complained about nuisance toolbar issues. This small tool is designed to address those issues simply and efficiently. Even if the toolbars don't pose an immediate danger to user's system or data, they can be an endless source of aggravation."

Top international testing organizations and world-renowned software reviewers acknowledge Bitdefender as a provider of the world's most effective anti-malware solutions. The company has also confirmed its industry leadership status with titles including "Best Antivirus of 2014" and two Editor's Choice awards from PCMAG, and 2013 Editor's Choice from CNET

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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