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February 20, 2014

The Data Center Network of the Future Must Juggle Scalability, Cost Effectiveness and the Demands of the Cloud

As adoption of cloud computing and mobile devices and services skyrockets, so has the amount of data enterprises and services providers are left to manage, store and analyze. Data centers are in a state of flux, growing bigger and more flexible to meet increased demand for flexibility and better networking topologies. At the same time, resources must be managed in a consolidated and cost effective way to offer the most benefits to both users and operators.

New analysis from ACG Research suggests that data center users, whether they employees, customers, service providers, vendors or partners, are driving the definition of a new set of data center capabilities. Very simply, users want anywhere and anytime access on any device, and they also expect scalability and high capacity to meet fluctuating traffic demands. That type of flexibility must be delivered at a low price point to meet increasing tight IT budgets.

ACG outlines three basic services a majority of data center users are seeking, and that improved data center networking setups can meet. Networks should be content and context-aware, as real-time awareness enables cloud and virtualized resources to be dynamically aligned with fluctuating requirements This takes into account subscriber, application and network usage to meet all users’ anytime, any device connectivity needs.

Data center networks should also offer comprehensive management of hybrid and multiple cloud environments. As data centers evolve from traditional setups to multiple public and private cloud environments, management solutions that can simplify the environment and reduce complexity are in high demand. Better network security is also a must, as dynamic user requirements and flexible use of data center resources open up opportunities for new security threats. An efficient data center network must deliver services securely and privately while proactively monitoring and management threats and attacks.

The data center of the future has some big shoes to fill, and efficient networking and management is the key to success. Customers must be offered the highest levels of service at the lowest price point, with operators still achieving a strong ROI. The main component will be strong networking and monitoring solutions that can manage fluctuating workloads, migrating cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure and an increasing number of security challenges.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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