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January 31, 2014

Dell's Cloud Connect Dongle Offers Access to Business Computing on the Go

The Dell (News - Alert) Wyse Cloud Connect dongle is now available and will offer enterprise-level computing with much easier access.

The Android OS device costs just $129 and can be plugged into monitors to provide access to apps, computers, data, and secure business networks.

Cloud Connect offers what Dell calls a “new category of smart connected” devices, adding that the device “instantly delivers desktop virtualization and personal cloud services to any HDMI- or MHL-enabled display.”

It meets the needs of employees working from remote offices, on business trips or working at home. It also meets the needs of employees who work at a business where there is a bring your own device policy (BYOD). Other forces that increase its potential are interest in mobile app development, social media and cloud computing.

It shows the strength of the overall smart connected-device market, too, which jumped 30.4 percent in 2012, IDC (News - Alert) said. Sector shipments worldwide will total more than 1.7 billion by 2014, and by 2017 shipments will go beyond 2.3 billion units and revenue will reach $748.6 billion, IDC predicts.

“It's a working PC, albeit a very small one that's roughly the size of a very hefty thumb drive, but with an HDMI tip rather than USB,” PC Magazine said in a recent article.

It features 8GB of onboard storage, 1GB of system memory, and uses Android (News - Alert) 4.1.2, with increased security and networking technology for enterprise uses.

In addition, it offers remote access to PCs using Windows and Apple (News - Alert) Macs. Cloud Connect gives access to the Google Play store and Android apps for smartphones and tablets, as well.

“Cloud Connect is among the most cutting-edge mobile thin client solutions that we have tested at our labs,” Joseph Korah, senior director and head of Kochi Operations, Cognizant (News - Alert), said in a statement from Dell. “With its ability to work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware environments, the solution holds great potential for the futuristic enterprise that is looking for ways to improve productivity at work and on the go for its enterprise workforce.”

It is targeted to mobile workers, students, digital signage, kiosks and uses where space is limited, the company said.

“Small, smart and secure; Cloud Connect is a disruptive device,” Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager for Dell Cloud Client-Computing, added in the statement. “We unlock new options for our customers to access their data and applications by combining mobility, manageability and security with a powerful user experience at an affordable price-point.”

In its review, TechCrunch commented, “you could do far worse in a pocket computer for those grueling weeks on the road if you’re a frequent business traveler.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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