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January 28, 2014

Atrion, XmarteK Discuss the Power of Marrying Technology with Personal Development

For Atrion (News - Alert) Networking Corporation and XmarteK, technology is more than just about being bleeding-edge and bolstering productivity for companies; it’s about bettering the world and bringing out the inner leaders in each and every one of us.

“Our purpose in life is to have a positive impact,” Atrion CEO Tim Hebert told TMCnet today at Editor’s Day at ITEXPO (News - Alert) East 2014. “Everything we do for our clients, employees and community is to look at their organizations and figure out how we can make a difference with that technology in a corporate environment.”

As an example, from 2000-2001 when the Afghanistan war started, Atrion set up a connection between the Rhode Island’s Roger Williams University and the “white house” equivalent in Afghanistan to enable a video conferencing session in which the university could interview women in Afghanistan who wanted to apply to college. During the project, three women were selected to come over to Rhode Island to attend college.

“When we look at projects, it’s about how can we have that kind of impact—whether it’s giving them access to higher education or better quality of care,” Hebert said.

A six-year company that has tripled in size since its inception, Atrion is a New England-based IT service company that helps companies solve business problems with technology. As explained by Hebert, Atrion chooses to understand the unique needs of each client before building out the technology solution, instead of producing the solution and then figuring out how to weave it into the customer’s business. 

While at ITEXPO this week, Hebert already had the chance to spread the core messages of Atrion, starting with a panel discussion today, titled “Becoming a Responsible Leader.” During the session, Hebert talked about what he refers to as the leadership challenge, or reminding everyone that regardless of his or her title and position, everyone is a natural born leader. Moreover, it’s about reminding individuals that they have the responsibility to be the best leaders possible.

“For us, it’s about how to pull IT clients closer to the customer,” he explained. “It’s about how do we empower our clients to provide better solutions and how do we make a better community and better industry. We believe that in the next 10 years, IT as we know it will be completely different and many organizations aren’t prepared for it. The ones that will be prepared are those teams that demonstrate leadership.”

This type of thinking has attracted the attention of XmarteK (News - Alert), a telecommunications company centered upon the fact that formal and informal communications are the enablers to any business process. As explained by company President Juan Pablo Pazos (News - Alert), together with Atrion, XmarteK wants to change the world with communications and create a network of companies that share the same values, business ethics and principles.

For XmarteK specifically, that means growing its reseller base of 1,200 and creating additional opportunities for resellers. 

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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