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January 28, 2014

SecureAuth IdP Accredited as Citrix Ready for Citrix NetScaler

Acting to the market and customers’ needs for a single sign-on (SSO) solution that is interoperable with Citrix’s cloud networking platform, NetScaler, SecureAuth, a provider of 2-Factor Access Control, has successfully obtained Citrix Ready certification for its SecureAuth IdP.

This certification signifies that the SecureAuth IdP two-factor access control is now integrated with Citrix NetScaler. This integration will form a combined solution, which will facilitate users to safely access their resources and other networks, with a single password, through cloud, web and mobile applications.

SecureAuth IdP, which is now Citrix Ready, coalesces SSO and native single, two- and three-factor authentication in one platform for cloud and web applications. Designed to be scalable that can meet an enterprise’s identity governance needs, it also helps in fulfilling all regulatory requirements for cloud and web applications across all platforms.

The company elucidated that SecureAuth makes multi-product deployments out of date, while minimizing risk, increasing productivity, and reducing management costs – by providing fully functional authentication/IdM appliance; hardened operating system; embedded Web server; data store connectors; pre-built web pages; and more.

?The Citrix Ready program, which certified SecureAuth, is an initiative that identifies verified solutions that are trusted to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix, including XenDesktop, XenApp, Cloud Portal, XenServer and NetScaler.

Only the third-party products that have successfully met verification criteria set by Citrix are qualified to get the Citrix Ready designation.

The Citrix Ready program utilizes alliances across the Citrix partner eco-system to meet a wide variety customer needs.

SecureAuth and Citrix’s NetScaler joint solution is capable of delivering enterprises security and convenience with infinitely scalable proxy security, single sign-on (SSO) into Citrix and third party resources, and configurable two-factor authentication for B2E, B2B and B2C organizations. In addition, the joint solution also provides identity management services and full native mobile application two-factor and SSO integration.

In an effort to provide NetScaler customers with unique functionality, the SecureAuth has perfected the SAML-based integration of the IdP/SP authentication model, cited a source.

"We take great pride in this accreditation and are happy to work with Citrix to support both the value and functionality of this authentication methodology," said Garret Grajek, chief technology officer at SecureAuth, in a statement. "SecureAuth has been conducting SAML-based two-factor authentication for years. Responding to the market and customer needs, Citrix had also built SAML authentication support into NetScaler."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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