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January 06, 2014

Technology Could Streamline Workflow, If Workplaces Used It More

Modern technology gives businesses more efficient tools than ever, which allows workers to do their jobs quickly and effectively. Then why, according to a statement released by the US Labor Department, has workplace productivity only increased by a measly 0.9 percent?

Workplace technology has granted employees the tools that they need to integrate multiple devices and screens towards a single unified task, but it's this multi-device lifestyle that lies at the root of the issue. Even though these innovative tools are designed to boost productivity, the fact remains that more devices lead to more distractions. Workplace productivity is still at the mercy of the human element, and distractions remain the number one cause of decreased productivity.

Checking emails, social media notifications and simply surfing the web eats up massive chunks of time, and for many workers it is hard to keep track of this. Furthermore, these distractions pull workers out of “the zone,” and often they waste just as much time getting back into their workflow as they spent being distracted in the first place.

These distractions go unchecked because too many businesses simply throw technology and smartphones at their workforce and expect them to magically increase productivity with no effort or training whatsoever. Staying focused takes diligence, but properly implemented technology can make a huge difference.

For example, there are several smartphone apps that actually help with time management in the workplace. Not only do they help unify multiple tasks into simple and easy-to-use interfaces, but they also help prevent distraction by limiting usage of the Internet browser on specific websites.

In other cases, the easiest thing to do is not overwhelm employees with dozens of mobile devices and computer tools. Keeping a simple workplace takes distractions out of the picture, and only using the software and apps that are proven to work is often the best course of action. With simpler workplaces, employees can be more productive and use the few powerful tools available to them efficiently.


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