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November 08, 2013

Peep into the Crystal Ball - Automation Holds the Key to Success

When companies grow, the old order gives way to the new – for as because activities increase and functions become more complex, the way business processes are handled changes. And as businesses work to coordinate and connect larger, more complex tasks, enterprise process automation will gain greater significance.

Tijl Vuyk, Redwood founder and CEO, highlights this trend and predicts that process automation will play a more prominent role in maintaining consistency and quality in back office activities.

“Today, enterprises work with greater complexity than ever before. We’ve seen a shift in the way companies evaluate enterprise IT. It’s now viewed as a strategic business asset; not a cost center or service bureau. It’s a competitive driver,” Vuyk noted.

According to Vuyk, businesses are realizing that labor-intensive, repetitive and time-consuming tasks are better addressed through automation. In an effort to make back office work less tedious, risky and time-consuming and retain the competitive edge, sooner or later leading organizations will veer away from the traditional manual process of operation as it will become impossible to maintain a certain level of management without automation.

In an effort to become more agile and flexible, more companies are making the transition to the cloud. However, Redwood’s CEO notes that if they are to reap the benefits that cloud computing promises, automation is a must.  Automation will connect cloud services, virtualized activities and on-site applications for comprehensive control and coordination. With automation, sysadmins can be more productive, virtual servers can be provisioned quickly, online services rendered faster, more efficiently and regulatory compliance achieved seamlessly.

With technology advancing and business users becoming more tech-savvy, they want to do more with less. They demand fast and accurate information and tech support is constantly being challenged. Vyuk says that the solution to this lies in self-service options supported by automated processes.

For 20 years, Redwood Software’s (News - Alert)  business and IT process automation solutions have been helping prominent companies automate and coordinate their mission critical IT business processes, enabling them to remain competitive and stay ahead of customer’s needs. And with enterprise process automation thrusting itself into the forefront, Redwood can indeed pat itself on the back.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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