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November 05, 2013

AdaptiveMobile Unveils Big Data Security Platform Dubbed Tethra

AdaptiveMobile (News - Alert), one of the world’s top mobile security firms, recently announced the launch of its Big Data analytics and security platform. The company believes that this particular suite is the first of its kind and is built to be strong enough to meet the volume and intricacies that are required of a service provider’s network. Named Tethra, the Hadoop based platform is built to provide real-time and continuous monitoring for whatever network it is deployed on.


AdaptiveMobile is one of those companies that is uniquely suited to provide security in this unsafe Internet world. The firm has been researching where problems arise for the average user, both on wired and wireless Internet networks.  Because of that research, AdaptiveMobile has been able to make Tethra that much more adaptable and tough when it comes to handling the billions of events that can occur on any given day for a mobile and fixed line ISP.

 Tethra stands out from the crowd most directly when talking about the way it recognizes threats. While most suites like this platform have to rely on daily feeds to databases, Tethra is able to respond to new threats right as they arise.

 The importance of being built on a Hadoop framework shouldn’t be overlooked. It is this framework that allows Tethra to be scalable when powering the company’s proprietary predictive threat engine. This in turn is how the platform is able to read and react so quickly to problems that pop up on the network.

 Gareth Maclachlan, Chief Operating Officer of AdaptiveMobile, talked about the impact Tethra will have on the marketplace in a recent release. “With billions of events occurring per day and with the vast majority of these being legitimate revenue-generating activity, finding new threats that may be coordinated across thousands of individual devices, without impacting subscriber privacy, is the number one security challenge. Tethra™ has been designed specifically to address the challenges of Big Security; maintaining the integrity of a service provider’s network and the privacy of their subscribers.” Maclachlan said.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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