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October 24, 2013

Aircell's New Gogo Cloud Updates In-Flight Content Automatically

Aircell, a Gogo company and a provider of voice, high-speed Internet, cockpit data, in-flight connectivity and entertainment services to the business aviation market, has launched Gogo Cloud, the company's new nationwide wireless content delivery network.

"Part of what's kept business aviation's in-flight entertainment experience in the dark ages is the challenge of quickly and affordably delivering such large data files to aircraft,” said John Wade, executive vice president and general manager of Aircell. “With Gogo Cloud, we wanted to make updating easy – and it's hard to get easier than 'automatic'."

Customers of Aircell's in-flight entertainment service Gogo Vision can now use Gogo Cloud network to automatically receive the latest updates whenever they visit a Gogo Cloud location.

When an aircraft arrives at a Gogo Cloud location, Aircell's UCS 5000 system automatically connects to the Gogo Cloud Wi-Fi signal and does a complete content update without any intervention from the flight crew.

Also, the content is delivered at ultra-high speed, which is typically less than 60 seconds to load a 30-minute TV episode, and about three minutes for a feature-length movie. Aircell's UCS 5000 system is an all-in-one smart router/media server for business aviation. UCS provides not only all the needed router functionality and interfaces, but offers the facility of a full-fledged media server, in-flight entertainment service, and also fully-automatic update capability -- all in a single unit.

About the availability of Gogo Cloud, company statement mentioned that beginning in January 2014, Gogo Cloud will be available at select Signature Flight Support facilities, and equipment packages will be available to individual flight departments that wish to bring Gogo Cloud capabilities to their own hangars.

Aircell has also selected Signature Flight Support as the exclusive FBO launch partner for Gogo Cloud.

Gogo Cloud is also made available for individual flight department facilities where they can get the convenience of IFE updates at their own facilities by just buying a simple equipment package that turns their hangar into a Gogo Cloud location.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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