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August 05, 2013

Augmented InstallAware 17 Eases Cloud Transition Process

Cloud transition is the latest buzz in the IT town. Cashing in on this trend, InstallAware recently announced that its InstallAware 17 solution is helping more and more developers to transit their existing technology stacks to the cloud effortlessly, in a very short time.

According to InstallAware, the latest version of InstallAware 17 has been driving innovation in InstallShield's industry with pre-compiled application runtimes, accelerated compression, and one-click app-V 5 virtualization.

For those unaware, InstallShield is A software tool used: for installing software for Microsoft (News - Alert) Windows desktop and server platforms; and to manage software applications and packages on handheld devices. It generates an .exe file to install the software on the platforms.

As a provider of software installation and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI (News - Alert)) platform on the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS), InstallAware has incorporated new features into its technology’s latest version that helps in building setups, application repackaging, and cloud deployments for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises.

Providing developers with the ability to build smaller setups in a short period of time, InstallAware InstallAware 17 has been empowered with a new compression technology that can install software, services, patches, databases, websites, and web updates to Windows desktops and the cloud in a short time.

Now featuring a powerful network automation interface that allows for programmatic setup creation, InstallAware 17 facilitates developers to author their own web or desktop front-ends for completely automatic install design with zero manual effort.

In addition, InstallAware 17 also contains unique proprietary technologies such as direct, client-free connections to a multitude of SQL Servers from Microsoft and Oracle (News - Alert), and complex configurations of Internet information services. All these technologies work in sync to accelerate the enterprise transformation to the cloud.

Capable of importing setup projects from a host of installation technology vendors, such as InstallShield and Wise, InstallAware 17 builds any pre-existing setup project as a Microsoft App-V 5 application virtualization package.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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